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Part III of the epistemological Model: economics to culturology

Levels 8-10 of the Model describe relations of the subjects of study from behavioral economics to culturology. This is the second triad of levels and the one that contains our immediate reality. 1,024 more words


Patrick Seriot criticizes psycholinguistic determinism in Russia

According to the criticism of the famous Suisse linguist (University of Lausanne), Patrick Seriot, since the end of «perestroika», in linguistics in Russia, a new form of discourse has taken place, which stresses a very tight determinism of thought by language. 107 more words

Interesting News

Courtesy of Big Insurance, Here Comes the Affordable Care Act

The time for speculation is nearing an end; the more controversial and significant aspects of the Affordable Care Act will officially be enacted within just two short months. 195 more words

Natural State of Being

As life moves on, people will gradually return to their normal state of being – one rooted in the real life experience of everyday life. When every friend has already posted everything interesting in their life and they’ve managed a photograph under every possible scenario, the fun game of seeing what your friend might be up to will become so much less fun. 462 more words


sharing a thought #7. About art.

Critisizing art is endlessly difficult. Because art is basically subjective to it`s very core. What`s more – it is totally subjective from both sides: the author puts his individual, personal view, his expression of the way he sees the world around him into his work of art and shares it with the others, who are recievers. 158 more words


Food (un)Consciousness

At the beginning of February, I joined a class dedicated to creating and releasing creative works into the real world. For all the thousands of ideas each of us have every month, only a handful ever are shared with the public. 252 more words


American Cuisine and Sauce

One time I read a poll in USA Today that posed the question: Does America have a typical American cuisine?  A resounding 87% of Americans answered in the affirmative. 55 more words