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Blindfolded and on her knees. Hands bound behind her back. He left her waiting. Having her senses taken away always makes her hot, wanting him right then and now. 473 more words


Little Girl

“What would you like little girl?” he asked.

“Use me, please. I just need you.”

“Just lay back.” A command she readily followed. Already naked she laid back and eagerly spread her legs. 211 more words


Sunday Night

Later that night, after she showered, she put on his favorite things. The black knee high stockings, purple lace thong, and a grey t-shirt. He always said she looked her best just relaxing in her t-shirt. 348 more words


Cum in your hotwife!

Your wife visited a gloryhole for some cheating action….A black bull stretched her pussy and pumped his cum in her…

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Enjoying his cum...

Your wife is enjoying her lovers cum…He pumps his load right into her face and she is loving it…You never did that before…

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How many times a day should ejaculate a porn actor?

Porn star status for a man involves convincing 3-4 ejaculations per day. That means not using replacement actor or “penis substitute” as it is called in the porn. 28 more words


Hairy hands and stuffed like a goose

(In English will follow)

Det är söndag och jag har både pillat på snorren och käkat ”fel” mat… Man kanske borde ränna ner till kyrkan dricka rötjut och be om syndernas förlåtelse, innan det börjar växa hår i handflatorna! 361 more words