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32 Women Describe The Taste Of A Man's Cum

1. A salty balloon.

“Do you remember that taste you had when you chewed on a balloon as a kid? That’s exactly how semen tastes like, only a lot saltier.” 870 more words

How often do we make our "fucked up" love? 

Babygirl and I are on a very compatible wavelength – we wake up and make love in our fucked up way each morning

And make our bondage love every evening, … 87 more words


So because Sir is currently a zillion miles away, (or maybe a little under but really really far away abroad,) we are currently long distance, as and when he has access to wifi… I’m super happy he is having a good time it sucks so badly that I’m stuck home by myself :( 632 more words



despite how small they may be

each step brings us closer

each step is towards our impeccable future

the one where my pussy

my tongue… 246 more words


College Student In A Coma After Attempting To Drink 2 Gallons of Semen

College Student In A Coma After Attempting To Drink 2 Gallons of Semen

Phoenix, Arizona – Susan Yoshikomitsu, 19, of Phoenix is in a medically induced coma after doctors found 2 gallons of semen in her stomach.

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Cum să devii femeie*

De ce îți plângi de milă când tu nu miști un deget ca să schumbi ceva? Crezi că o să pice din cer norocul? Că o să ai bărbat bogat și menajeră așa cum visai când erai mică? 437 more words


Back on Lube

I used lube for the first time in like more than a year today. I came so hard, my head fucking hurts.

Having been dependent on my own lubrication while masturbating lately, I found myself buying a pack of lubes at a nearby 711 today. 235 more words