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Quick Update - 20/10/18

Hey Hunnybuns,

Track of the day –

It’s a damn Saturday and I may have accidentally ruined an orgasm for myself this morning when I woke up mostly out of my cage and thought stupidly to myself that I could just edge a couple times and put it back, but I think I got to close one time and I may have came, it was white and it pulsated like I had just done so, we will find out as last night I was dreaming of finding someone to have fun with, I need to get out more what’s a free thing I can do to meet people.

Laters, CupcakeXxX

Quick Update

The Yuri Paradise - Chapter 1 - Page 26

This time it took me a long while making this page. There were several factors, and I think dialogue is a big one in this page, it’s been difficult creating a dialogue between these two characters, and honestly I’m not even convinced that this dialogue might work and I may probably change it in a future. 59 more words


The Queen, The Ars, and The Poet

There are many different things and issues I will address not everything will be sex today, by chance it is…

Let me introduce you to the Queen, the Queen lives in my neighbourhood and is not usually the type of guy that I would get with, but we’ve been meeting since before I moved here, with breaks. 396 more words

The Art of the Blowjob

Most important thing to remember about giving a good blowjob, is that every man has his own preferences. Just like you adjust a kiss to who you’re kissing, adjust the BJ to who you’re blowing. 1,960 more words


Sometimes I have a certain hunger, a hunger for Master C’s cock in my mouth.

I want to use my lips to make Him hard. 108 more words

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