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the morning catch

He could hear her gently breathing
in the centre of their bed
her nightdress slightly lifted
exposing her open snatch
horny and hungry for her… 96 more words


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Spread your legs wide
I want to bury my face in between your thighs
Eat your pussy
Fill my mouth wif your beautiful cunt
Take your swollen clit between my teeth… 70 more words


L a u g h t e r

Find someone who makes you laugh as hard as they make you cum


So I'm a sex addict.

I love sex. I love sex with all types of women not particularly large women though. I have submissive and dominant fantasies, I have teen lust fantasy, I have complete stranger fantasies. 100 more words

Casual Sex

My Filipino Maid (Coyote)


I would like to share a real story of mine. It happened more than 1 year ago, and my Filipino maid has returned home. 11,577 more words


That dress....

He got out the shower with the towel round his waist and he caught her eye as he walked towards her. She stopped, instantly she got that electric tingle she was so familiar with, yet still savoured each time it happened. 2,652 more words

Erotic Fiction

In College with Prof. Part-II

(Before starting this, Read Part-I here)

Ahhh…. I shouted as he pulled me up from under the table by my hair . He slapped my face and said now Bitch!, I’ll teach you your real place. 767 more words