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Darlyng Clementine’s Top Ten Favorite Naughty Words When Sexting.

We all have those certain words that rev our engines and I’m no exception. Sexting is often used as a way to heighten anticipation during the day as you tease and flirt the work hours away, but for some people, myself included, sexting can surely become the main event. 1,007 more words


Deep mASSage for Indian Hunk

Yesterday Sanidhya came to our Spa & Desi Massage Parlour….

He complained of glute(ass)pain.. Our helper Suresh from Kerala gave him an Ayurvedic deep tissue massage … Very Soon we got Sanidhya out of his underwear that he got from #CalvinKlein so it didnt get oily… 33 more words


OMG I'M CUMMING (a response for.........)

Original and © Andrew 

JFF and certainly not to be taken tooo literally or heaven forbid seriously……………….. note there’s no hate no nudity (well a little) no pornography and as I’ve written before :) in the unlikely event you’re under 16 why not go and play a computer game, it’ll be more fun than reading this (hopefully entertaining) silliness! 1,705 more words

Just For Fun


Orgasms are hands down the most satisfying part of sex. I’ve had quite a few of ’em (quick math: on average about 2-ish a day, 14 a week, 60 a month, 750 a year, 5000 since I discovered them). 1,645 more words



Cum from photographer Ryan McGinley (1999). To see more of his work, click here.

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