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Sex Tips #3: Pondering Pussy

Hi Sexies,

In an earlier post, I talked about cocks. It is only fitting that this time we discuss female genitalia.

Call it what you will (unless you call it a vuh-jay-jay, in which case I’ll be the first to slap you so hard both sets of lips will vibrate for a week) – pussy, the gates of heaven, the flower of womanhood, (call it ‘where no man has gone before’ and get ready to be blown over by gales of laughter) – just like the penis, the woman’s primary sexual organs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 412 more words

The Bioscopist Podcast #20 - Michael Douglas has Cunnilingus Cancer, After Earth, Shadow Dancer & Blockbuster Game

We didn’t see much this week but felt we had plenty to say. Firstly we talk about Philip Seymour Hoffman’s heroin snorting fortnight. Michael Douglas and his cunnilingus induced throat cancer. 128 more words



I met C while I was in college.  He just happened to be around me when I was just realizing that I might be attractive.  He is/was of course married.  438 more words

The Storm

I’ve been in town for the week, working on a project, and we’ve had very little time together but now we’ve managed a last minute camping escape for the weekend before I leave for home and away from you. 1,754 more words

Taken From Behind

And Then We Met…

I’m waiting outside your front door when it swings open and you stand there naked, wearing nothing but demon heels, like I knew you would. You smile, alluringly, and lean on the door and lift your right foot barely off the ground and wave for me to come in … knowing I couldn’t possibly refuse. 1,976 more words

Slippery When Wet

Rationing out fellatio- WTF?

In talking with random women, I have discovered that not everyone enjoys fellatio as much as I do. Some women go so far as to limit it to “special occasions” like holidays and birthdays only. 1,295 more words