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The Power of a KISS

There are many steps to intimacy. Kissing, however, is the flint that lights the fire. A touch may cause goose-bumps, a glance may cause a tightening in the belly. 385 more words

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Make Your Semen Taste Better

Hello Everyone!

I hope you had a very happy New Year! This has always been my favorite time of the year.

To start this new year out right, I thought I would write a short “how to” lesson on what men (and women!) can do to make cum taste better during oral sex! 136 more words

It quickly got out of hand

*Explicit warning: Parental advisory*

My high school performances went from good to terrible in just a few months. I spent less time on homework and exams and spent more and more time with her. 1,941 more words

My First True Love Pt. 1

Oral sex to blame for throat cancer...

Of course Michael Douglas got it all wrong again when he decided to ignore his smoking and drinking as a possible cause for his throat cancer and instead said it was down to cunninglingus. 135 more words

. Cougar. Milf

A devotional for Diana...



My lassie come home lately

long legged whimsical lady

instrumentalist of up river loins

warehouse momma of golden coins


You lay your hand on my head… 145 more words

Love Peace & Freedom

Diana Returns



I blink once twice

she is home

standing beside me

gazing down at me

straight out of Isom Dart’s raunchy dreams


A miracle leg¬†sleigh¬†ride disappears up a… 279 more words

Love Peace & Freedom

"Kye Nichols" Book Excerpt (Chapter 3)

No blinds drawn, the door wasn’t even locked, Maria could have walked in at any moment. Kye licked Chris’ top lip and circled her tongue around Chris’ tongue. 260 more words