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Sucking a fish out of a womans vagina? -Cultural sex norms

During all of the multicultural and ethno-psychological courses i have taken i realized we are taught to learn about cultures, and non-verbal communication cues. Norms in body language and even encourage to learn about multiple religions. 1,131 more words

I'm back in the saddle

I can still smell his kisses he left upon me as he left for work this morning. On a Sunday morning.

The third penis out of my three in the past two weeks…  I should really start wearing a condom.. 21 more words

Horny doesn't even begin to cover it..

It’s been a while I know. Am I still a whore? Perhaps not. I miss sex, I crave sex. I did kiss two different men on Thursday night, but fuck, I did not. 257 more words

Home from Work

Aphrodite: “Hi Wolfie, I am back from work” I call as I wander through the house, to the kitchen and put the groceries away that I picked up on my way home. 1,737 more words


Bemused Indifference

I’ve been biting my Gene Simmons sized blogger tongue, hoping to not add to the stupidity that has been the RNC. So much for that….. Speaking of stupidity, I think if Sarah Palin were to meet… 191 more words

The Homeland