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Stop treating being happy for someone else like an inconvenience.


It’s All The Same

Loving you

Hating you

You know it’s all the same to me

Go wherever it is you need to go

Be whoever it is you want to be… 41 more words


Accept No Substitute

I’m reaching for some resistance

Not interested in going backward

Following old patterns

Calling what I know is wrong a mistake

I’m praying for some restraint… 36 more words


This Too Shall Pass

Whatever I’m feeling

I don’t count on it to keep

My heart is a flame

I’ll sweat it out

Whatever hurt I am feeling

I feel it… 22 more words


More Than A Metaphor

I don’t deserve these sleepless nights

I’ve done nothing wrong

Accept maybe held on to hope a little too long

I do deserve more

Because I am more… 60 more words


We’re born to blossom.


The world isn’t run by magic or superstition, and I have my doubts in logic and reason. So, what’s left!?