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Maybe Meant Never

I’ve been patient

Though I’ve never been sure we’d make it

Too freighted to move

So I just stood there hungry


Clinging fast to just a… 34 more words


Baby Steps

“I want someone to love me”

First you must love yourself

“I want someone to be honest with me”

First you must be honest with yourself… 29 more words


The Devil’s Night

At Midnight…

I found the Devil digging a grave.

But, not one for himself.

And not one for me.

I asked him, “Why?”

And he replied, 17 more words


Have Mercy On Me

If you’re going to hurt me

I’m asking that you do it quickly

Rip the bandage off

A blow to the head

Pour cyanid in my whiskey… 28 more words


People who once seemed so important aren’t so important anymore. And the things we thought were once so important are continually replaced with others. As we grow older, life seems to stop being about what we want to do and becomes more about the things we have to go.


What Love Means

When you say “I love you”

I know that is all that you mean

You’re not looking for commitment

You don’t mean I’m the only one… 149 more words



Potential lover,

How does it benefit you to know of my heartbreak

Can you turn back time


Stop the hurt from happening

Can you heal it… 75 more words