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Fobby Looking Asian Girls With Vocal Fry in SF

Don’t be fooled by sweet and innocent looking Asian girl. Just wait till she opens her mouth. Chances are that voice and manner of speaking will make it very clear to you that she has been thoroughly and irreversibly cuntified.


sparrow vs emu

is there such thing a thing as

sparrow hunting?

i figure it would require

skill, stealth

a bit of knowing ~ how;

it’s the kind of prey that… 153 more words


Recipe: Easy-peasy chili chocolate vegan sourdough cupcakes!

Content note: this post discusses food. And pussies.

If you just want the recipe without having to wade through this obnoxiously long story section where it’s difficult to find anything you want, it’s available to… 1,079 more words


My Saturday in Review

Day 78. 36 pages, 14,839 words.

Today (that is to say, Monday) has not gone well. I started the day with a rather unsuccessful writing session, since I wrote literally not a single word all weekend due to a bunch of other (admittedly very enjoyable) stuff going on. 1,307 more words

Hatboy's Nuggets Of Crispy-Fried Wisdom

All Credit Mr Corbyn

New Labour types cannot even acknowledge the pursuit of Tory 2015 voters would have been/was fruitless (triple lock and social care, dementia tax, barely dented those greedy Boomers’ votes). 210 more words


Sorry Not Sorry | Workers are Assholes Too

One thing we see all the damn time on social media nowadays… one VERY annoying thing I might add, is (mostly) young whippersnappers complaining about their jobs. 1,148 more words

Sorry Not Sorry

Oh look, another blog....

Yes, yes. Like the world needed another blog to add to the already existing 500-million blogs currently online (I’m basing this, of course, on absolutely 0 factual data). 124 more words