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You should just stay inside after your underclothes are soaked...

It’s been a while. And instead of the usual, being the one dealing with customers, I’m going to write from the other end. The customer end. 577 more words

Fuck The Pigs

Blue-uniformed blowfly stealing my stash
Moloch embodied with pseudo-military uniforms and bank-manager minds
Evil hollow fascist stealers of the sunshine in my heart
Crucifiers of Christ with their violence and their racism… 191 more words


Smoking Hot

I was walking from one couch to the next, smoke in my mouth, earphones in my ears, music beating my steps. The moon was out and the night was beautiful. 1,172 more words

Short Stories

Dear Cunty People Of Back Pain:

Hey: lower back pain! Yeah you! You’re a fucking cunt!
Fuck off already

K, thanks.


On free bleeding

Content warning: this post discusses menstruation and body policing

Every now and then, manchildren freak the fuck out over “free bleeding”. Sadly, the feminist response to this seems to be “eww, no, nobody actually¬† 378 more words


Ever had that urge ?

Hey everyone

I’m in the library at my university trying to do some work and theres a bunch of utter cunts sitting down chugging various energy drinks and treating the place like a crack den. 139 more words

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