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Who needs Democracy, eh?

I…I, I have no words, I can’t…I just, I can’t wrap my head around what the fuck I’m seeing, I mean, is this real? Is this actually real life? 764 more words


Goodbye Cunts

For those of you that I may have offended with this headline. I just need you take a Kangaroo hop to Australia where the word “cunt” is a word of endearment and affection to friends. 696 more words

Great Pussy Bake Off: the results

This post appeared last month on my Patreon, as a Patron-only post. Sometimes, I post patron-first content. If you’d like to read this work before anyone else, … 1,236 more words


Out to Pasteurise

This is how gardening started and ended in five minutes flat yesterday.

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The Great Pussy Bake Off: Cunt Sourdough vs Regular Sourdough

I’ve been continuing with my experimental baking, and decided to compare a freshly-made sourdough starter containing a sample of my vaginal flora with a control starter that didn’t contain any vaginal yeast. 81 more words


An Accomplishment To Be Proud Of

Yesterday, I googled “San Francisco cunts”, and I was excited to see that the first top search results lead to this site.


The Further Erotic Adventures of Xi Jinping

If you enjoyed our previous instalment of erotic mishaps featuring the lovable Xi Jinping, then I have a treat for you: here’s another one. This one is entitled “The Chairman and The Tailor”. 511 more words