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On free bleeding

Content warning: this post discusses menstruation and body policing

Every now and then, manchildren freak the fuck out over “free bleeding”. Sadly, the feminist response to this seems to be “eww, no, nobody actually¬† 378 more words


Ever had that urge ?

Hey everyone

I’m in the library at my university trying to do some work and theres a bunch of utter cunts sitting down chugging various energy drinks and treating the place like a crack den. 139 more words

Rants And Ramblings

Every Time Someone Votes Yes, God Kills A Foetus [a blog] #yesequality #equality2015 #referendumireland

Let’s get one thing straight, Ireland is in trouble. If the liberal, gay-loving, secret homosexual agenda-having, biased Irish media have their way, our glorious Catholic nation will go to the polls on Friday and commit an act so knavish and sinful, we will be cast into the fires of Hell, with no hope of redemption, even in the Final Days of His Coming. 876 more words

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