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Where Motivation Goes to Die

Whattup blogfriends?!

My name is Jodie and I pride myself on being a top notch procrastinator, mediocre lover and a terrible student. (That last one especially). 81 more words


Monday funk

A weekend of football has just been played, and last’s nights results, may or may not have gone our way, in different perspectives.

The big game of course was the game between Man Utd and Liverpool, and a draw was a favoured result, but Man Utd were brilliant on the day, and Liverpool looked in shambles (of course they’ll come 2 weeks later at the Emirates and play like the Invincibles), but what was truly bizarre and hilarious was Steven Gerrard. 287 more words

Did Sam Harris call Glenn Greenwald a "Fucking Faggot"?

“He just, in a very unethical way, misrepresented my views in a series of articles and when I called him on it privately, he just doubled down.

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Sam Harris Expounds Upon New Atheist Religion

Sam Harris-

“I’m going to speak today about the relationship between science and human values. . . the separation between science and human values is an illusion — and actually quite a dangerous one .

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Resting Bitch Face

Why is this suddenly a good thing? And why on earth does it actually need a phrase to describe it?

Well done girls, you all look like miserable cunts.

Spanish conversations 

Have been having issues with my neighbours for the last few months now. They live above my flat and are noisy as fuck! They speak to each other as if they’re deaf, resulting in me catching bits and pieces of disjointed spanish conversationsalllllll the time. 492 more words



here is a little free remix for you, of the amazing Sleaford Mods.

touching a thousand plays over the weekend. happnin>>>>


download the tune free here.

Having A Tantrum