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Ladies First!

First posted in: Mystery Meat ; a video about worshiping and kissing women’s asses.

So this happened on Monday, but I waited to see how it would play out before I told the story. 403 more words

True Story

Cunts on Campus.

Posted for: College Girls

This happened back when I was in college.

I was waiting in the lobby of a students’ building, when this girl oozing of innocent neoteny comes in from the freezing winter outside. 310 more words

True Story

A Haunting Regret.

Originally written in: She’s Bankrupt

We all have at least that one moment in the past when we foolishly spent some money on a woman, that we still regret till this day! 1,080 more words

True Story

big-ups to all y'all

I used to think that maybe the ‘haters’ in my life – aka those who aren’t interested in what I struggle with and would prefer to do the ‘blame game’ instead – were partially that way, because they couldn’t See what I deal with. 140 more words


Fucking useless Google cunts

For fuck sake someone tell the fucking cunts at Google that the folk who live in England are located in England and aren’t the least fuck bit interested in fucking hurricane fucking Irma, so when I visit a news website, what I don’t want to fucking see, is fucking pages of fucking shit about a fucking hurricane that means fucking nothing to me.