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Housing and Education Inequality- Again

Research tells us that socio-economically and racially integrated schools are better schools. But if we want truly diverse schools, we need equally diverse housing.

At my public school in a gentrifying neighborhood in Brooklyn we are fortunate to have a uniquely diverse student body. 406 more words

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Governor Cuomo Announces His Commission to Revise Common Core, Without A Single Opt Out Leader

Governor Cuomo announced his commission to revise the Common Core standards and it includes not a single parent leader of the opt out movement. The reason for the commission was to respond to the opt out movement, but no one on the commission speaks for the parents and guardians of the 220,000 students who did not take the test. 148 more words

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Cuomo's Latest Attempt to Destroy Public Education

Cuomo just pushed through a preliminary version of yet another teacher evaluation system for NYC public schools- a mere two years after the last one was implemented.   695 more words

ED Reform- Shoot Me

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Blames South for New York's Gun Violence

Cuomo is blaming the South. “As long as you can get a gun from some state down south, put it in a trunk and drive it up, it’s gonna get into this state, and that’s what’s happening.”

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Revitalization plan shines bright light on Finger Lakes region's future 

Region of Light, Beacon of Hope: Illuminating the Finger Lakes Region, Upstate New York’s Greatest Economic Opportunity — Common Wealth’s response to the Finger Lakes Region Economic Development Council’s draft proposal for the Upstate Development Initiative. 733 more words

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Governor Cuomo Aide Dies

Forty-three year old Carey Gabay who was caught in the middle of a Brooklyn gun fight and got shot in the head on Sept 7 died on Wednesday. 43 more words

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Ford paid his workers the equivalent of $15 an hour in 1914. Should that be the minimum wage?

The following is a comment I wrote on a post published by The Intercept about raising the minimum wage in New York, which argued that since Ford paid his workers the inflation adjusted equivalent of $15 per hour in 1914, a $15 minimum wage would be appropriate today. 503 more words