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The Fifth Cup

Every year many people celebrate a Seder meal in observance of the exodus of the Jews from Egypt. During the Seder participants partake of four cups of wine.  1,682 more words


Maundy Thursday: Passover--The Lord's Supper

Illustration:  “The Israelites, which have gone from Egypt with angel of death, are eating the Easter lamb (Exodus, XII, 11-14),” by Marc Chagall, etching on paper, c. 436 more words

Jewish Festival Holidays

Lessons from the Passover: The Cup of Redemption

Someone once warned me that if I ever take part in a real Passover ceremony, I should first look at how big the wine cups are. 162 more words


Passover: Kos shel Eliyahu

In addition to the four cups of wine that each participant drinks during the Pesach Seder, a fifth cup is placed on the Seder table. This cup, which is not drunk, is known as kos shel Eliyahu , Eliyahu’s Cup. 1,158 more words

Passover Seder Lesson 3: Cup of Redemption

Jewish Voice Webcast, March 27, 2012 – Jonathan Bernis and Ronna Mathetes of Jewish Voice consider the cup of wine used during the Passover Seder as being the Cup of Redemption because Jesus (Yeshua) redeemed us from sin.

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