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The problem with someone else's dishes

So it’s really something else when you have someone’s dishes to return. Stuff you wouldn’t normally think about with your own dishes and containers, you think about with this person’s stuff because you worry any shortcoming on your part will affect how they think of you in the long run. 183 more words

Journal Entry

Calling Folks Interested in Co-housing!

A small planning committee is working to host a conversation on co-housing. Three of us attend First Mennonite Church of Denver and know there are many folks in Denver, and even Colorado, that have an interest in exploring co-housing. 121 more words

Excuse me, may I borrow a cup of sugar?

Remember that time when the nice old neighbor woman knocked on your door and asked for a cup of sugar? ¬†Well, consider this our ‘cup of sugar’ moment. 119 more words


When I returned from the park this morning some of my neighbors were outside. One on his way to work and the rest going about their daily chores. 112 more words