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Homemade cupcake.

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A tart Yuzu Cupcake for my Older Sister

Today is my sister’s birthday.  She inspires me in my favourite things: for my fashion paper dolls, she  buys me lots of pretty paper; in Maths, she helps me to get my homework right; in Baking, she gives me ideas for new cupcakes and sometimes bakes with me. 185 more words


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Younger Daughter's celebration of Older Daughter's birthday: sisterly love & Yuzu Cupcakes!

Happy Birthday, Taz!

Taz celebrated her 3rd birthday this week, so of course I had to get her a cute cupcake.

Then she tried to bury it. Way to ruin the photo op, Taz. 12 more words


Loving Muffin More

A girl (who shall remain nameless) asked if it bothered me that I seemed to love Muffin more than Muffin loved me. When I asked her to state her reasons of such an accusation, she listed out: 228 more words


Cute Christmas Ornaments

This project idea started when one of my friends asked me if I could knit her a cactus. Now that I finally have free time on my hands again, I started with that project. 286 more words


Mini Christmas Cakes

These are lovely as a wee bite of Christmas cake without having to make the entire thing and bake it for hours etc etc! I make them as cake pops or as cupcakes. 249 more words

How Cupcake Started to Date Muffin

Just to share… I’m not an artist. Lol, but this is the most simplified version. Hehe!