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Sweets Photography (Indoor)

A series of sweet photography project for a bakery.


Guilt-free two ingredient cupcakes made with diet soda: does it work?

So all the rage on Pinterest, apparently, is replacing the main ingredients of cake mix (such as eggs, vegetable oil, milk/water) with diet soda to eliminate a large chunk of the calories in the cupcakes. 307 more words


DIY: Cupcake Mug!

Last week I took a close friend out to lunch for her birthday. I knew I would be buying her lunch, but I wanted to bring her a little something! 174 more words


Favourite cakes...how to choose...

Like the headings says, we tried to choose some of the favorite cakes that we have made in the past. But it was so hard to choose…. 334 more words

Chocolate covered strawberry cupcakes: gluten-free, lactose-free

There are a few inalienable rights in my world: the right to chasing your own happy. The right to surround yourself with only those who help you chase that happy. 527 more words


In which we do not regret anything

I am not good at taking it easy. Or flowing doctor’s orders. I had a minor surgery a few days ago and was supposed relax. The kids were at school and the baby was with grandma. 297 more words

Cupcake Sundae in Paris

For a special surprise, I made a few of B’s favorite things in a new Paris mug (they also have London, San Francisco, and New York) with illustrations of many of the wonderful things to do and sights to see in Paris. 191 more words

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