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I’ve been playing Cuphead. If you’ve somehow managed not to hear about this game, Cuphead is a 2D platformer styled after the cartoons of the 1930’s – although I frankly think it manages to realize that aesthetic far better than most of the source material it pulls from. 535 more words

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Top 10 Video Games of 2017 (Game of the Year)

Here we are. The big one. Game of the Year.

Naming the best video game to be released in almost any given year is a pretty challenging endeavor – I say ‘almost’ because some years, like 2012, kinda suck in the video game department (I’m sorry, how else can you explain Journey winning so many GotY awards for 2012?). 3,012 more words

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First Impressions: Cuphead

I’m not a person who typically likes games that are hard for the sake of being hard. In fact, I would be more likely to deliberately avoid them. 433 more words

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High Scores: Kristofer Maddigan's Big Band Soundtrack for "Cuphead"

Cuphead, the video game, is a momentous achievement. Its creators hand-drew over 120,000 frames of animation the old-fashioned way—pencil drawings inked on a light board—before transferring them to digital form. 1,691 more words

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Video Game Awards 2018: Best Indie Game

Indie video games have come a long way. The late 2000s saw independent developers really start booming, with many a critical darling being released. That trend continues today, though I personally would argue the difference between then and now is that the indie games of today warrant the praise they receive. 242 more words

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Top 10 2017

It’s that time of the year again.  Well, actually, it’s not February, so I’m actually on time this time around.  The point is, it’s time for this year’s top games of the past year, and unlike previous years, I’m actually able to round things out with a definitive top 10.  1,261 more words

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