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Psyche Unbound by Zenobia Neil

Psyche Unbound by Zenobia Neil is a sensuous retelling of the mythological tale of Psyche and the God Cupid. A forbidden love affair between God and woman. 564 more words

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Main Street, Southbridge, MA

A Surprisingly Anatomically Correct Depiction of Cupid, the Roman God of Love and Desire, Seen (Without His Signature Bow and Arrows) on a Large Black Cast Iron Planter Along the Side of Main Street in Southbridge, MA

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The Tale of Cupid & Psyche, Part VI: Love's Labors (Not so lost)

Love is the most glorious of emotions but as with everything that’s truly good or pure in this world, it must be fully appreciated for its bounty to be grasped. 1,272 more words

Brad Kronen

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I have always loved the mythological stories.. with Zeus, Venus.. Medusa.. they have fascinated me since I was little. I am by no means a brainiac about them.. 412 more words

Journal Entry


I’m sorry for pursuing you,
Even though I am not ready.
I’m sorry for using you,
To keep my heart steady.

The desire to have the pain numbed… 39 more words

False Arrows

I fell in love once
but it was enough to know
that cupid makes mistakes.



*Random thoughts *

Could it be that cupid is just a fat ass flying dwarf, who is crazy and hits people with arrows?

Maybe we all are like cupids in each others universe; In one something beautiful in other something frowned upon.