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Defenceless - Haiku

She fought her feelings,

Battled notions of love and

Romantic dealings,

But Cupid is smart;

Arrow strung, he took his aim,

Struck her through the heart. 21 more words


Haiku - Head over High Heels

Cupid’s aim was true

A straight shot through her warm heart

Beating strong with love


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Target Practice

Cupid is fucking irresponsible. And I’m tired of him using me for target practice.

-Rudy Francisco



Just star-crossed lovers

without a future to share —

Cupid missed his shot.


Cupid and Psyche - Close Reading

Students – the past few days we have been reading and examining the Ancient Greek story of Cupid and Psyche in class. Below you will find some of the notes we took together  -use them to add to your own notes or help you study. 57 more words


Youthful Desire Is Naught But A Pyre


Of love bittersweet
Inexorable defeat
Of fathers’ denial
Desires’ own trial
Of two lovers lacking in foresight
Who couldn’t wait even a fortnight
Of lioness who did their flight end… 1,128 more words

Dr. Zeus


Cupid please stop fucking with my head
pouring thoughts in it that drive me mad.
you shouldn’t want something that’s already dead.
you making me feel this way only makes me sad. 71 more words