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5.15 - Lost

“Where are we?” I asked El Puma.

At some point we were supposta get off the NewYorkCity Roads and enter the NewYorkCity Streets, but The Gods never told me how. 858 more words

Chapter Five

Top 21 of 1961 - #5

#5 – Sam Cooke – “Cupid” – (1961)

Man, I wish Sam Cooke would’ve lived longer. We missed out on a lot of good music. This song peaked at #17 and was written by Cooke himself. 26 more words


5.14 - The Voice Recital

The Voice Recital was at the ALC Auditorium and there were lots of seats all filled with Realities who wanted to hear God-Given Gift singing. Even El Puma came. 834 more words

Chapter Five

Love in the times of apocalypse

The following little sniper is a story that will most likely be a short moving forward of a quirky idea that popped in my mind. Hope you enjoy, and excuse any typos you may find. 742 more words



This is a gorgeous move that looks complicated in photos but actually is quite simple. You’ll need a little bit of arm strength to pull yourself up. 144 more words