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Cupid is a blind drunk

it’s not like you’ll listen to me
oh no Cupid is a blind drunk
when those arrows fly
we don’t know what hit us
Harry loves Suzy but… 77 more words


Cupid's Arrow

Like every other girl

I wished for us to be together

Like every other girl

I wanted to stay with you forever

Like every other girl… 65 more words


Fate, Destiny..or just a coincidence?

I met my boyfriend for the first time 26 months ago. Obviously, he wasn’t my boyfriend then and neither of us had much interest for anyone else except for our respective “crushes” (using that word was painful) 182 more words

Teenage Girl

Dear Cupid, you missed me

Any time I watch a romantic movie I always thought “love is one in a million.”

Why? Can’t I fill the empty space in the sheets with a dog or cat? 91 more words


CUPID SHOT ME (A POEM) by Kayode Gideon Balogun

The struggle started

The battle was set

I gathered my Arsenal

Set to take on Cupid

Cupid had just a Bow and Arrow

I laughed, I belched… 93 more words