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Singles Awareness Day 2-14-2011

Hey look! I also make videos! ;-) Made this for Valentine’s Day a few years back or what I’ve often heard called “Single’s Awareness Day.” 141 more words


The Lovers card and the Choice of Hercules

I was reading The Esoteric Tarot by Ronald Decker and I like the idea he puts to us that the Juggler (Major number 1) as Agathodemon is the Guaridan Spirit and that his appearance on the Lovers card as in the Tarot de Marseille can be seen as “the choice of Hercules” or “Hercules on the crossroads”. 301 more words


Lesson #304: Lessons on love (among other things)


Ladies and gents.

Just call me cupid, because I’ve been learning a freakish amount of lessons on love and lust lately.

And here’s what I learned today. 41 more words



We are a tragedy from the beginning,

and somehow we comfort our souls

that it doesn’t matter whether or not

we are healthy for each other.


In a dream (nonfiction)

In a dream I sat with the teacher
at a large bay window full of light.

He said: we all serve some agency—
from the lowest order to the highest. 21 more words


Old piece: September's musing

i like how love arrests the heart

when it is least expected;

like how when the coffee fails to

kick in and there’s a such struggle… 45 more words