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The score turned mellifluous

once the cupid’s arrow hit hard.

His little band of cherubs

jeweled up the void with fireworks.

Gone bonkers with their gift of gravity, 37 more words


Robert Thornton's 'Temple of Flora'

Today, I managed to find a plate from one of the finest books ever made. It is the frontispiece to folio size of #TempleofFlora… 295 more words


The Rogue Cupid- Chapter 2

Esme had set up her home in the top story of an abandoned apartment block. In the center of the living room sat a large nest constructed from branches, crumpled newspapers, and scraps of fabric. 707 more words

The L Word

God why is it so hard to tell someone you love them?

For me it’s that crippling fear of rejection that I won’t hear it said in return and I feel I’m not the only one there. 342 more words

CUPID Be Still My Heart (44 Weeks To Go)

By Howard Levene, ENG’93, and Kiera Reilly, C’93

We asked classmates to send us photos of their Penn t-shirts from when we were students. And Howard Levene sent t-shirts and many seemed to be from CUPID, so we asked, did he work for CUPID? 431 more words

Kiera R.

Will Cupid's arrow hit the target?

The thought process behind writing this post was selecting a small cap investment target based on fundamentals and financial statement analysis. Here I look at a lot of simple yet compelling target areas comprising of business performance, prior period growth, forward looking estimates of growth, focus on core business, alignment of decision making with board vision. 531 more words



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She said it, after so much torture, she finally said it to me. It’s official, with two of her friends as witnesses, she broke up with me using the word ‘official’. 271 more words

A Certain Man In Love