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Stupid Cupid's Arrow (of Time)

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When I lost you, dear Elizabeth, to that horseless carriage,

I also lost all hope for love, mirth or marriage. 700 more words


"Psyche's Dilemma"

Of all the ageless states of stupidity,
There is none more baseless,
Or benign,
As the compulsion to love,
One who feels no love in return. 203 more words

ISIS Bans Nike: Islamic State Group Says Sneaker Company Name Too Similar To 'Sexy' Arabic Word

International Business Times — The Islamic State group has banned Nike clothing, sneakers and other products because the pronunciation of the American sportswear company’s name is similar to Arabic words that have sexual undertones and are deemed sinful under Shariah law, Syrian activist group Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently said Thursday. 92 more words


Romeo & Juliet's Perception of Love

Romeo perceives love as brutal, and cruel, because of the one sided feeling he is experiencing. One example of Romeo perceiving love as brutal is from the Roman gods. 387 more words

Sweet Surrender

*On a land far away from reality*

A guy was frantically driving a car on a rainy night, evident enough for onlookers to gauge his level of intoxication. 983 more words

Opinionated ;)


What are the signs emitted by a female who is interested in a male ?
Body language is an outward reflection of her emotional condition– it can’t lie–like words! 315 more words