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Tarot: Whimsical as fuck edition. Cups 6 and seven.

The cute, it burns.

I see an elephant!  I see a heffalump!  I see . . a bunch of cups!

That’s weird, dude.  You have a strange cup obsession, and you’re weird.

Ye slightly less old Tarot, but still pretty old, because I'm working ahead. Cups 4 & 5.

I hadn’t planned to have the same character featured alone twice, but Hypersensitive Fox just felt right for both of these, and now t semi-accidentally makes a leetle story.   58 more words

Card of the Day: Six of Cups

There’s too much seriousness, routine, obligations and boredom in the adult world and it’s time to reconnect with our younger selves. A good time to spend time with your own children or the children in your life, to remember childhood games and fun, and act even silly.  127 more words