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Card of the Day: Princess of Cups

Today’s card is the Princess of Cups from the Manga Tarot

This Princess looks like she might be wearing a wedding veil.  She has flowers in her hair and a lovely kimono as she bears a golden cup aloft while riding a sea dragon.   390 more words


Cups & "Coins"

So tonight I’m feeling like I don’t want to do the the Victor Coins to Cup in the “new” set. The Chanin Coin Production’s very versatile, I think, so might use it. 395 more words

Close-up Magic

I'm an Addict!

OMGoodness! I’ve been saying it for years, and now, I have proof. I’m an addict. The first step to recovery is admission, right?

This week I participated in a 72-hour fast with my church family. 401 more words


New set

I’m  thinking about what I’d like to put into a new magic set. Might use a solid set I’ve already tested and adjust presentation.  I think I’ll start there. 336 more words

Close-up Magic

Daily Draw: Five of Cups

Today’s draw came out the five of cups.

Yesterday I learned that my mom was going to have to have a second surgery on her knee which she had replaced in September.   215 more words


Plainly music to the connoisseur's ears

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

APPLE’S choice to remove the traditional headphone jack from their latest iPhones will probably spur greater interest in the wireless headphone market, so it is quite timely that German audio giant Sennheiser has opted to launch its PXC 550 wireless headset at around the same time. 689 more words

Money Matters

Saving The Environment, One Coffee Cup at A Time

Australians love drinking coffees; an estimated 100 billions takeaway coffee cups are used every year and ONLY less than 1% get recycled. Till today, many coffee drinkers are still not aware of the… 10 more words