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K. Tichy

Tichy – one of Vienna’s most iconic ice cream shops

Vienna 2016



FFUKers – we are now very close to the qualification period for this season’s cup competitions. Don’t worry if your league form has let you down, the cups provide a welcome alternative for many of us. 164 more words


10 of Cups

“Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, theres a land that I heard of once in a lullaby.”

Funny how much this reality says that someday all your wishes and dreams will come true.   302 more words

Minor Arcana

III of Cups

Needs Respected

  • Upright: Celebration, friendship, creativity, community
  • Reversed: An affair, “three’s a crowd”, stifled creativity
Card Of The Day

Card of The Day: Ace of Cups

The Universe extends its hand in offering to you; drink deeply of this joyful energy and find refreshment!

This is a card of emotional beginnings, (often identifying a new relationship/friendship) as well as emotional development. 179 more words


#CupsForAll AKA 'A' is for Awesome - the Audio Version

And a heads up for you commuter folks – episodes of The Milk Bottle Motel will be available on iTunes within a fews days of posting to Soundcloud, and here. 17 more words


#CupsForAll AKA 'A' is for Awesome

The letter ‘A’ is usually reserved for the best things in life:
AAA-grade beef is the most tender.
Getting an A+ in school means that you’re top of the class – you’re one smart cookie. 231 more words