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"Making A Decision" Spread

Should I get a rat?

The themes of water and cups were reoccurring – these symbols reference emotion, intuition, and imagination. These would point to the idea that my heart is a big part of my decision.

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"Centering" Spread

I think the Emperor represents my husband – I see him as the authority in the house, probably due to money. Feeling/Knowing that I indulge too much (The Devil) is probably leading to the lack of relationship, due to guilt, plus the stress of feeling limited (The Chariot).

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for the evening meal

bread still warm from the oven

and two cups of tea


Friday: It's raining...

So It’s raining where I live which means two things for me – a scared cat (especially since there is thunder involved) and nice warm mugs of hot beverages. 338 more words

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Singapore and the Commonwealth: The contributions of four young Singaporeans

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

LONDON: They may be Singaporean, but they come from different backgrounds.

But they do have a few more things in common: they are all below the age of 30, have the desire to give back to their communities… 1,246 more words

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A Nice Cuppa

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I woke up today with a sore throat and no speaking voice. That said, I’m thinking today is going to be an okay day. 520 more words