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Silent Sunday or: The Return


So, The BCPF and I didn’t go to Underdog Records this weekend because we were up in the mountains with The Beer Dads crew, at least most of them. 401 more words


Ateneo Art Gallery at AretƩ

Just a few days ago (Feb. 20), the Ateneo Art Gallery newly opened at the arts wing of AretĆ© : Ateneo’s Creative Hub as it transferred from its former in another building within the campus. 327 more words


Shepherding, discipling - a high calling and huge responsibility

I love the way she puts this!

“One of my favorite words for PASTOR is curate. Ā The term is unfamiliar to many of us. Ā But the word “curate” signifies a person who partners with God for the “cure of the soul” or, in Dallas Willard’s words, the “renovation of the heart”. Ā  39 more words


Cricket Pitch Curator Interview

Please tell us about yourself

A pair of fitted jeans, sunglasses and a BCCI polo t-shirt. At the hotel lobby he did not get mobbed by people but he most definitely commanded attention. 1,535 more words

Excludes Science/Medical

Closet Envy

Sometimes we all stand in front of our closet and just stare at it wondering how to put anything together. Or maybe you have this great new top that you can’t seem to make into an outfit. 296 more words


Flashback: novĀ·elĀ·T Writes the Apocalypse

I fell down a rabbit hole today, combing through old computer files to curate a project I want to work on later, and found so many old writings I had forgotten about. 1,333 more words