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We’re born curious, as every newborn demonstrates with obvious joy at each new discovery. We seem to be hard-wired for curiosity, an indication of those instinctual needs that also include such things as the fight or flight response, protecting our young, and even the instinct to feel sympathy. 604 more words

Meditations On Bach's Goldberg Variations

The First Exhibition I Organised: 'If the Shoe Fits' at Surtsey Projects, Liverpool.

The first show I organised was on 17th March, and I curated it and featured my work in it with nine other third year students. We exhibited the work it the Surtsey Projects Gallery in Liverpool and then deinstalled the show the next day. 37 more words


Curating Knowledge Using Youtube

Use YouTube to curate and create a public playlist of amazing videos related to a single topic covered in the course. The videos should be engaging, accurate, and educational. 28 more words

Essence of Pemberley

“Nothing is more powerful than beauty in a wicked world.” -Amos Lee

This blog is focused on growth, sharing, reflection, and curating beautiful healing moments. I hope it inspires you and acts to bring more beauty into our world.


Miss E

Curate Your Playlist Week-IDK. lol

I haven’t given you a new song in a few weeks but I’m fully confident that you have added some dope music to your playlist. Anywho, here ya go! 12 more words

Simplify: time

What is the most prized possession you own? Basic human needs such as food, clothing, and shelter aren’t really the most valuable assets you have. Its not your house or car. 488 more words


Law of attraction Anticipation

I have been practicing the law of attraction since 2011 . I came upon some very difficult times and with having 0 money to do anything I turned to the internet to figure out what to do . 860 more words