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Shepherding, discipling - a high calling and huge responsibility

I love the way she puts this!

“One of my favorite words for PASTOR is curate.  The term is unfamiliar to many of us.  But the word “curate” signifies a person who partners with God for the “cure of the soul” or, in Dallas Willard’s words, the “renovation of the heart”.   39 more words


Love Seeker

Love Seeker – Nicole Agee 2017- acrylic on canvas

Room for Mystics


Room for Mystics is an exhibition currently on view at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Curated by Adelina Vlas, it is an immersive visual installation by artist Sandra Meigs, with an audio installation by composer Christopher Butterfield. 117 more words

The Mysterious Case of Cassandra Evans

Maid Cassandra Evans was easily in her middle ages, and had worked in the Manor House for almost 20 years, and was perhaps the senior most maid in the entire of the Manor, but she didn’t care for all that. 322 more words


The museum will not be decolonised

Sumaya Kassim describes the challenges of trying to bring context to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

“The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house. They may allow us to temporarily beat him at his own game, but they will never enable us to bring about genuine change.” … 2,060 more words


Vocabulary Constabulary: Part One Newspeak is Annoying.

Each generation and culture adds words to our languages.  And that’s to the good mostly.  English, though, is really taking a beating.  I blame, to some degree, social media, but other villains are at work.   708 more words

Social Issues

Why The @#&! Do You Paint?

Why The @#&! Do You Paint?: All The Colours is a current group exhibition at the Gladstone Hotel that I have two paintings in.

It is an annual painting exhibition, curated by Spencer J. 117 more words