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Curating my own Adventure

Today marks the end of the first International Museum Week on twitter. Let’s just say it has motivated me to start this blog – a long time in the making. 403 more words


The Best MOOC's To Take That Will Prepare You For College

Preparing for college is tough, there is the making friends and if you are living on campus, living with people you don’t know, not to mention the coursework, it can be downright overwhelming I know I felt that way. 596 more words

My Favorite MOOC Platforms (From Around the World)

If you are like me and you love MOOC’s. I am here to tell you that all over the world MOOC’s are democratizing education and making learning fun again. 273 more words

The Top 10 Coursera classes I Have Never Passed

Education is what remains after you have forgotten everything else, Or something along those lines. I have been a part of Coursera,  Skillshare, Udemy and many other platforms that deliver MOOC classes and the one thing that is consistent throughout all of them is that I can count on one hand the number of classes I have finished.   712 more words

How to Design Your Own House for Free

As a former architecture student , I have studied the built environment extensively. I am here to tell you that not only is architecture difficult but It is one of the most difficult professions to work in. 277 more words

Pinterest Secret Boards : 5 ideas to use them

Recipes, Decoration, Fashion, DIY… Pinterest is a great source of Inspiration. Existing for about 3 years, there is not a lot of articles about this Pinterest feature to create secret boards… And yet, possibilities are endless ! 395 more words