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5-10-5: Matt Lobdell, Head of Collections and Curator, The Morton Arboretum

Interview conducted by Eric Hsu

Photography by Matt Lobdell

Please introduce yourself
Matt Lobdell, Head of Collections and Curator, The Morton Arboretum

The arts or horticulture? 1,909 more words



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This year marks the 16th, and last, edition of the Images biennale of contemporary visual art in Denmark – a year-long event, involving 21 Danish art institutions and nearly 100 artists from Africa, the Middle East and Asia, all under the coordination of… 642 more words

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Curator of the Week: Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev

Art does not belong to one side or the other. It serves a third: people.


Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev is an Italian-American writer, art historian, and cultural figure.

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Trickle-down Culture

What is trickle-down culture? It works in the same way as trickle-down economics in that you give all the money resources and promotion/exposure to those at the top and it will trickle down to benefit everyone. 586 more words


On Curating: Interviews with Ten International Curators

On Curating, Carolee Thea’s second volume of interviews with ten of today’s leading curators, explores the intellectual convictions and personal visions that lay the groundwork for the most prestigious and influential exhibitions in the world today. 1,470 more words

Curator of the Week: Hans Ulrich Obrist

I see a curator as a catalyst, generator and motivator— a sparring partner, accompanying the artist while they build a show, and a bridge builder, creating a bridge to the public.

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Installations layout development

Using “SketchUp” we managed to create our venue in 3D. This program was advised to us to use it in order to have a better view of our layout and also to make things more simple in some way. 127 more words