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Farewell Party

I wanna apologise for not having good photos of the farewell party because 1) I left early and 2) I’m not a good photographer. But it was lovely, and it was where some of the last precious conversations of the Academy were happening, which will lead to all kinds of wonderful pollinations in the future. 7 more words


KIDS, by Liu Kuan Siang

Just gonna publish someone else’s Instagram of the Taiwanese dance performance we all watched after the wrap-up!

KIDS by Liu Kuan Hsiang presented as part of TheatreWorks Curators Academy.

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Group photo!

Oh yeah, we took this before we got on the bus to see Kuan Hsiang Liu’s Kids. :)


A very wordy wrap-up!

After all those talks, the time’s finally come for a goodbye. But since we’re intellectuals, said goodbye involves a big old discussion about future issues. 1,962 more words


Interview with Wayla Amatathammachad (Thailand)

After a while, I realised I couldn’t interview all the participants—none of us had enough time, and they had more than enough to think about without me poking my nose in to ask them questions. 479 more words


Dulcie Abrahams Altass & RAW Material Company, Senegal

So far, says Keng Sen, we’ve been looking at contemporary art only in the West and Asia. But the world’s much bigger than that, which is why he invited Dulcie Abrahams Altass sit in on the Academy. 1,123 more words


Cheng Ya-Li & the Taishin Bank Foundation for Arts and Culture

And now for a message from our sponsors! Quite literally: the Taishin Bank Foundation for Arts and Culture are the folks who’ve shelled out the cash for all those lovely Taiwanese artists whose work we’ve been enjoying. 1,008 more words