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A list of whys

Why don’t you curb your fucking dog?

Why is your dog wearing a sweater?

Why is your dog in your purse?

Why is it congrats on being the first black ____? 132 more words


Curb Your Dog

I didn’t grow up with a dog, so it took me years and years to figure out what “curb your dog” meant. It’s such an awkward phrase that I’m sure it takes a lot of people a long time to figure it out. 170 more words

How To

curb your dog

It’s a concept that hasn’t caught on where I’m living. Or in many other cities, I suspect, in this part of the country. The standard of living in Zhangjiagang, in Jiangsu Province, is well above much of the rest of the country and is loaded with parks, large and small, as well as a system of canals lined with picturesque walking paths. 581 more words

Random Thoughts

Curb Your Dog: Etishit 101

If you have a dog, than you are a dog walker–a near axiom of the Law of Contradiction. (Unless, you keep your pet hostage in your dwelling until the ASPCA comes, rescues said “man’s best friend” and uses the video footage as B-roll for their campaign against animal cruelty with Sarah McLachlan singing “Angel” in the background.) 178 more words


Curb Your Dog, NYC

People love to own dogs in New York City.  For as many types of people there are in New York, there are also multiple types of dogs.   241 more words

New York City

what a difference a sign makes...

When I lived in Mexico, the above sign was posted everywhere. But since I didn’t have a dog, I pretty much ignored the signage. Until one night, I was out drinking with two of my friends who were also my neighbors. 246 more words

The hippest curb your dog sign around

What else can you say? That’s the best curb your dog sign I’ve ever seen. Curb em and scoop it.  Boro ord 789.  Seven ate Nine?   7 more words