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I walked by this narrow raised planter on E. 17th Street the other day and was shocked by the missed opportunity for creating curb appeal for the building. 373 more words

Curbside Catastrophe

Entry Garden at 201 West 70th Street

201 West 70th Street is unique because the entrance for the building is off of the street and through a courtyard. The courtyard is planted very nicely and there is a private garden for the building adjacent to the entry area. 129 more words

Curbside Catastrophe

Halloween on the Sidewalks of New York

Halloween Decorations on West 75th Street Gets A+ For Effort But D- For Execution

Yesterday I hit the streets for several appointments. On West 75th Street I passed this beautiful house with the tackiest Halloween Decorations. 241 more words

Curbside Catastrophe

When Heaven Came Crashing Down

Ailanthus altissima (commonly referred to as Tree of Heaven) is a sneaky tree. It is a fast-growing invasive plant that grows well in disturbed sites and poor soils. 169 more words

Curbside Catastrophe

Curbside Catastrophe: Successful Fall Planters

The best way to bring fall color and interest into your garden is through your planting containers. New York City landscapes are all about the container garden. 256 more words

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