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 A Sublime Supplement – The Papaya!

Author : Oohini Mukhopadhyay

If you are able to reach out to the correct fruit vendor who has the eye for the best papayas from the wilderness and a sense of a fruit’s mannerism, you’ve made it to the most efficient, healthy and robust fruit of the kingdom. 678 more words


Baldness is not contagious

Despite how we always teased my dad, it can be startling when someone suddenly has more hair fall off their head than stick on it. And yet, in this volume on leprosy (open your Bible to…well, whatever page… 194 more words


Traveling: To Infinity & Beyond

Hey, what’s up, hello. Is that an appropriate way to start my very first post? Doesn’t matter because it just happened. Seriously though, hey guys, thank you for taking your time to read this. 300 more words



Tu détournes ma colère et garnis ma pudeur
Tu dérives et m’enivres
Mes lèvres s’attachent à ton caramel
Tu gaspilles ma joie comme un amant parfait… 115 more words


Calc. Carb may help keep tumor growth at bay by changing tumor's PH environment

Engineers at Washington University in St. Louis found a way to keep a cancerous tumor from growing by using nanoparticles of the main ingredient in common antacid tablets. 565 more words

TGI - Cancer

Courtney McCall & Susan G. Komen

Allow me to introduce you to Courtney McCall, my roommate and best friend, who inspires me daily to be the best version of myself.

Courtney, 21, is a senior at the University of Tennessee majoring in nutrition. 363 more words

Day 5

Today was actually a pretty good day. My nausea is completely gone, my desire for food is pretty much completely gone and for the first time in this fast, I really think I can do it. 144 more words