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Breathe With Eucalyptus

WOW!  It’s snowing today!  Around this winter time, we need some eucalyptus to aid in our health and wellness.    

Eucalyptus, also known as eucalyptus globulus… 175 more words


Fight the Colds with Echinacea

During this time of the year, we experience many colds and flus, mostly due to the drastic weather changes.  One day it’s hot then the next minute it’s cold…like what happened!   376 more words


Aloe Vera Healing!

Oh my what a wonderful healing herb!  Aloe vera originates in the Arabian peninsula, but is grown in tropical climates around the world.  This cactus like plant has so many healing benefits, it’s truly amazing!   374 more words


Time to break the dengue & hemorrhagic fever barriers! Cures are known!

I woke up this morning and my mind was set on freedom!

Freedom Now… from all the lies that are killing especially children!

Time to address the truth and take the hand of death away from failures to protect the public and toxic meds of pharmaceutical killer industries… 17 more words

Relax with Lavender

Are you stressed?  Depressed?  Experiencing headaches?  Relax with lavender!

Lavender is an herb that is also known as lavandula angustifolia,  which relieves stress and depression.   400 more words


Don't Always Believe What You Hear

Recently I have been hearing and seeing a lot of things that apparently ‘help’ and ‘cure’ anxiety and other mental health illnesses, and I feel that while some of it sounds like it may help and has logical reasoning behind it, some of it just sounds a bit ridiculous. 299 more words

What Is Multiple Sclerosis?

Actress Selma Blair revealed in an Instagram post Sunday that she has multiple sclerosis. Blair, 46, wrote that she was diagnosed in August but has “probably had this incurable disease for 15 years at least.” 1,100 more words