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CurioCity - Verona

I depart for Verona late Saturday evening on the 15:38 express from Munich. The 5 hour journey meanders through southern Bavaria before scaling the snowy Austrian alps to Innsbruck. 870 more words

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Pulsating Enemas and my disastrous journey to Vietnam

Update #4: This week I tell you all about my disastrous trip to Vietnam, why you shouldn’t guess where I’m from and overly descriptive toilets! … 9 more words

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Inspired by Books

There are times in your life when intellectual pursuits begin to feel like heavy burdens, ultimately resulting in disillusionment and frustration, rather than being an intriguing pursuit of curiosity. 668 more words

How to get yelled at in Italian!

Update #3: This week, I’m in Verona, Italy and I take you on a walking tour of the old town, tell you why you shouldn’t speak Japanese in Italy and share more about some of my creative goals! 13 more words

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CurioCity - Montreal

I always seem to arrive in QuebĂ©c at the end of winter. It’s not really the best touristy time but I like it because I get to see the area at its most raw. 751 more words

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How Do You Know You Were A Scientific Person ?

I am a student of 11th grade and till now, I have came across this question may be like 5-8 times and that too only by some teachers or some school interviewers, but when it was first asked…. 533 more words