Where were you during Expo '98?

This is probably the question which has just lately came up in our heads and gave us some goose bumps. 20 years ago already? Time flies! 110 more words


The veil

of nature

Fog suddenly covers the mountain ~ Rhodes, Greece

* click on images for full view & gallery 37 more words


The World's Children

Make believe

‘Let’s put on our glass helmets and pretend we are in the transporter on the Enterprise.  You can be Spok and I will be captain Kirk. 49 more words


Mother of Forensic Science

The Haunted Librarian Teaser:

How did an heiress become the “Mother of Forensic Science”? Hop over to Haunt Jaunts to find the answer. Here’s the link: … 7 more words

Bamboo, the plant of a thousand uses

Everyone has seen bamboo but I bet not many know its story and biology.

First and foremost, we are not talking about one species but many, from the sub-family Bambusoideae, with species who can grow to a rythm of 91 cm per 24h period, being one of the fastest growing group of plants in the world. 210 more words


What happens in Berlin...

Berlin has something really special. When the sun comes down starts the really Berliner environment.

The first day we stayed in Berlin, we met a boy who advises us to wear informal clothes at night when going out. 415 more words