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Leadership Lessons from...Curious George

Yes, that one. The one you’re thinking of. Although it may not seem wise to follow the example of the monkey that ate enough of a puzzle to get sent to the ER, it might surprise you to realize just how many admirable leadership qualities that this mischievous monkey truly possesses. 545 more words

Leadership Lessons

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Featured Image -- 9020I always loved Curious George growing up... and this article from my friends at LEAD365 helps shed some light on why. In many ways, it reminds me of Steve Jobs' famous quote to always "Stay hungry... stay foolish."  Taking delight and surprise in the world around me is what keeps me motivated.  It's something that I never hope I lose.  Forever curious, George...

Curious George Around Town (6 Volume Set)

Ages: 4 and up
Grade Level: Preschool – 3

Curious George Around Town Boxed Set includes six best-selling Curious George 8 x 8 paperbacks:

A look back at Nolans first birthday!


I remember giving birth like it was yesterday (yes-even the pain…you don’t actually forget), so you better believe I remember planning his first birthday party when he was around six months! 278 more words


The Best Days to Visit Your Favorite Museum in June

School is out and we’re betting you have plans to hit up many of the Bay’s best museums over these next few months. But if you want to get the most out of your visit (and the most bang for your buck), don’t just show up any old day. 672 more words

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A Trip To The Hospital

Little Gene just didn’t feel well. He told his mommy that his chest was hurting him. She was a very smart mommy, and took him right away to a special doctor. 310 more words


When Daisy met Curious George 

Ok, so you’re probably asking who is this ‘Curious George’.

Well Curious George is the newest addition to the Lowe family. He is a few months old and he is a Chinese Dwarf Hamster. 317 more words