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Fro Feature: Melissa Bambie

Change is the only constant. An odd statement, one that seems contradictory when looking at the word placement ( change vs constant). However it holds very true when one considers it’s meaning. 873 more words

2/14/19 - Thursday - Arms & Legs

Morning routine:


Wim Hof Breathing



Arms and legs day – Dumbbell Farmer carries with stairs

On the minute for 21 minutes

Alternate 10 reps of #squats, #curls, and #shoulderpresses TOTAL REPS: 70 squats 70 curls 70 presses and about 21 flights of stairs


How To Make Your Curls Last Longer

I used to hate curling my hair.

It was time-consuming and I could never get my hair to look just how I wanted it to. And even if my curls looked great, my biggest issue still remained – they never lasted. 542 more words


Another Letter To My 'Fro

I wrote a letter to my hair back in the spring of 2016. The photo accompanying that post actually went viral but that isn’t why I did it. 1,019 more words

Yinka Bokinni

Mortimer Oldham Heath

Sometimes in genealogy you go sideways and squirrel off in a seemingly directionless research path that leads to fascinating discoveries. That’s what happened this week with my desire to post this lovely picture of Mortimer Oldham Heath. 191 more words


My hair lays up,
No lye,
However it may go,
With puff and fro,
Curl rivers it does flow,
If I distract
I do not apologize, 7 more words