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Hair Paint Wax

So like does anyone else have anxiety about dying their hair? Say it louder for the people in the back, ya heard! I am terrified – I worked hard to get my curls to where I want them to be and I still have some work to do so actually dying my hair just isn’t an option until I am guaranteed that all those chemicals aren’t going to damage my curls. 615 more words


I'm back and I'm a mom

Firstly, let me apologize because I’m a piece of shit. The last time I wrote on my blog was in July when I was about 4 months pregnant. 449 more words


My Natural Hair Journey

I had mentioned in a previous post that I would go further in detail about my hair journey and I feel now is a perfect time! 590 more words


Shave your head and grow an epic afro

It’s the 90’s and I have a head of long, luxurious hair that my mother had loved and nurtured and it showed. My hair was the envy of many but it wasn’t as important to me then as it is now. 302 more words

Real Life

Fro Feature: Melissa Bambie

Change is the only constant. An odd statement, one that seems contradictory when looking at the word placement ( change vs constant). However it holds very true when one considers it’s meaning. 873 more words

2/14/19 - Thursday - Arms & Legs

Morning routine:


Wim Hof Breathing



Arms and legs day – Dumbbell Farmer carries with stairs

On the minute for 21 minutes

Alternate 10 reps of #squats, #curls, and #shoulderpresses TOTAL REPS: 70 squats 70 curls 70 presses and about 21 flights of stairs


How To Make Your Curls Last Longer

I used to hate curling my hair.

It was time-consuming and I could never get my hair to look just how I wanted it to. And even if my curls looked great, my biggest issue still remained – they never lasted. 543 more words