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#sejtips - avoiding becoming a human burrito in winter

Winter is no longer coming, it is now definitely here – cue the Game of Thrones memes. Apparently people are less social in winter and although it might be tempting to don the onesie and stay in Netflix and chilling every night (or maybe Netflix, no chill if you’re a single pringle), humans are social beings and eventually you’ll need to come out of your cocoon to greet the world. 643 more words

The Cult of Curls

A million years ago when I first started trying no poo it was all about being a bit of a hippy and frankly it all failed. 940 more words

Back from a hiatus...

I’ve been taking a break from sewing while I focused on other things. I have done a couple of projects here and there, so I’ve decided to post photos now that I’m sewing again. 1,300 more words

Curly Girl

A DevaCurl Review

After being a natural for 7 years, in May, its not that often that will try other product lines other than those that have become staples for myself and my 12 year old daughter.   421 more words


#sejtips Surviving junk-free June (without surviving on celery & kale)

I spent the first couple days of junk-free June firmly wishing it was July. Sometimes, after a long day at work, all you want is a big greasy pizza and a side of chips…and a side of garlic bread and chicken wings. 691 more words

Curly Girl

#sejtips - living the single life

Aside from my pretty serious commitment to the gym, I’ve now been single for a pretty much record amount of time. Proud of me. I’ve decided to write this most as a celebration of being able to be alone; in a happy relationship with me, myself and I (and my dog.) I have quite a few friends in relationships, or who are married to work/study so I’ve become pretty good at masturdating (thanks for this beautiful neologism Katie) and third wheeling. 748 more words

What I Use On My Curly Hair<3

If you couldn’t already tell by my blog name, i have thick curly hair! Trying to maintain the curls and dealing with the frizz that comes with the curls is a real struggle, in this post I’m going to name the products i use to wash my hair, the mousse and even how i dry my hair. 420 more words