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Curls Spectacular! - Part 1, Traditional Curling Iron

Hi Babes!

So I decided to post two days in a row. I’m always looking for ways to help prolong my hair between washing it (it helps preserve my curls) and since I liked my hair enough today, I decided to curl it with a curling iron. 339 more words

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On the topic of Exercise & Moisture 

On the topic of workout and hair lately I was feeling my hair a bit too wet most of the time so today out of curiosity with no prior planning did this mini experiment. 82 more words

Natural Hair

Projects I'm Working On - call for guest posts!

Hi Babes!

How’s your Monday going so far? Ender and I had a play-date this morning with a few other moms and he thoroughly enjoyed playing with his buddies. 124 more words


"Natural is not for my hair"

I’ve heard this from numerous friends when the topic of natural hair is being discussed. I have ¬†also known people who return to relaxers because they are “tired” with their hair. 408 more words



Frowing: The act of owning your fro, so much that it actually produces a glow. A combination of the words fro and glowing.

From object of dismay to “Hey girl, okay!” girls all around are learning to love their fearsome fro. 189 more words

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Why Do We Fear The Fro?

It’s merely a surprise that when a curly girl or a fro-er (yes, fro-er, someone who rocks a fro) walks by, heads turn. No matter the reason they do. 194 more words

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The Ultimate Holy Grail: Coconut oil

So I’m sure you’ve probably heard about the “Great coconut oil” at some point in your life it is literally everywhere on the internet and almost everyone uses it. 167 more words

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