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The Start of My Curly Girl Journey

Childhood: Shampoo and Brush

My whole childhood, I spent hating my hair.

My dad has really frizzy curly hair that he brushed out big to show off in the seventies when it was cool. 770 more words

Daily Life

Natural Hair on Repair!

I absolutely love sharing testimonials and this is one of my new faves!!

Check out what Jess R of Texas has to say!!

“Good morning everyone!

615 more words

Curly Girl Co-Washing

Do you have curly hair? Does it frizz up despite the hundred products you use? Do you stare at the Instagram curly girls and wonder how on earth they get it right all the time? 767 more words



Hi ya’ll,

Different to what I normally post but this blog is for me! So why the heck not right?

I’ve been faithful to the curly girl method for almost 4 years. 220 more words

Creamy Crack Addict

When I turned 18 I booked an appointment for my very first relaxer. I didn’t have any hair education at all, I just knew that I wanted a new hairstyle and wanted to be able to wear my hair down more often. 340 more words

Andy | Party Of 1

Tackling the dandruff with curly hair

Hello fellow curly heads,

Following on from my curly journey I’ve been trying to find a kind anti dandruff shampoo that its CG friendly, or to a point that it’s so close that I’ll compromise as long as I’m not suffering with an itchy scalp and god-awful flakes in my hair, especially with hair as dark as mine, see example below. 434 more words

The Curly Girl Method

Calling all curly girls!! This is one of my favourite how to’s from professional stylist Adriana P.

“Please feel free to share! I hope this will help all the curlies! 321 more words