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Welcome to The Bronx Curl!

Hey! Hello! Hola! Haha, welcome to my blog.  My name is Ashley and I’m here to share with you EVERYTHING I know about naturally curly hair.   201 more words


Hair like wool, eyes like fire, feet like burnished bronze...

You can’t go by the Gregorian calendar in Florida. If you want to know what season it is, you gotta look at women’s boobs. If, as a collective, you notice more instances of “boob sweat”– that moist oval running under the meat staining through shirts – it is summer. 264 more words


Seasonal Sealants

Interested to know what the heck a sealant is, or what kind of sealant is ideal for your hair? I rounded up my favourite sealants according to the season over at… 9 more words

Curly Hair

Spring Mini-Reviews: Read Harder Challenge Books

So.  Every now and then I get supppppper behind on reviews (ok, so it’s more like I’m ALWAYS behind) and in order to catch up I like to throw up these mini-reviews.  1,105 more words


10 Things You Wish You Could Say To Your Hairdresser

I haven’t wrote in a while it seems! I’ve been busy with lesson planning, but I just came back from a holiday back home in surprisingly sunny England! 385 more words

Curly Hair

Natural Hair is Not For Everyone

This grinds my gears so much! So many people say this, black women and men as well. I feel that if it grows from your scalp, it is for you! 64 more words


Natural Hair in the Workplace

I have been thinking about this topic for a while and I still cannot seem to come up with an answer. Although it may depend on the setting of your work, does it truly make a difference if we want to wear an afro or a tamed up-do. 112 more words