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Curly Hair Tutorial ( My Step by Step Routine)

Hi Curly Girl!

My styling process has never been so easy and I want to share it with you! In the video attached, I’ll walk you through my step by step routine and provide a few fun tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way. 445 more words

Curly Girl

Primary Colors

Happy Tuesday Friends–Yesterday I did a bunch of nothing. It was amazing, I relaxed and went to the movies. There was no stress, no decision making, just living. 140 more words


Do Your Thing Girl

Girl, I love to see you do your thang! It’s so powerful to see a female making smart decisions purely because she knows what she wants!   60 more words

Curly Girl

I Love Who I Am

Girl! You are STUNNING. You are a SUPERWOMAN. You are your own kind of BEAUTIFUL! It’s fun to love who you are. Life becomes so much more enjoyable when you decide to agree with yourself, rather than fighting against yourself. 21 more words

Curly Girl

You Are So Capable

Life gets crazy, but crazy doesn’t have to mean “bad”. Staying busy is a great thing! You are so capable of achieving whatever you set your mind to, and living a life that you are proud of. 51 more words

Curly Girl

Radiating My True Beauty

Do you ever walk into a room, and notice one person right off the bat? You can’t quite put your finger on why they stand out so much, other than the fact that, they just do. 62 more words

Curly Girl

Do Something Today

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity. It is the source of hope, empathy, accountability, and authenticity. If we want greater clarity in our purpose or deeper and more meaningful spiritual lives, vulnerability is the path.” Brené Brown… 30 more words

Curly Girl