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Do ya remember Andy Rooney?  From 60 Minutes?  Andy Rooney from Wikipedia

I thought him funny at first, but as he aged, I found him to be quite curmudgeonly. 328 more words

Ten Things of Thankful ?171 (Curmudgeon)

My inner world has shrunk to one of those grey, overcast afternoons where you want to go out but can’t because the rain is lashing against the windows and no-one wants to play anyway. 1,185 more words

Ten Things Of Thankful


I may have mentioned it before and it’s certainly not an original concept, but I thank Charlie Macatee for teaching it to me.  What is “it?”  Well, “it” is a management concept that Charlie used to regularly embed in our brains and thank goodness mine was receptive.  784 more words


Children's sermons

I do not like children’s sermons. I find them distracting, annoying, meaningless, and insulting to children and to the congregation in general.

The service is flowing in its usual way until the preacher interrupts the flow to invite all the children to come to the front of the church for a children’s sermon. 682 more words

Jesus Christ

Have A Nice... Rant

At a store today, the pleasant lady behind the counter gave me my change and said ‘Have a nice weekend.’  Being in a grumpy mood, I almost shot back with my frequent retort, ‘Don’t tell me what to do’.   617 more words


Monday after the Olympics in Rio

When I was younger, the closing of an Olympic games was a milestone. Poignant ceremonies left me a little sad that the athletic celebration was over. 360 more words

Current Events

The Cantankerous Curmudgeon-I'm The Only One in My House Who Doesn't Wear A Bra

OK, I realize this isn’t news. I live with four women. One of them is my wife. Three are my daughters. I am not an Arab prince. 352 more words

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