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Spokane Basement

i missed you
you missed me
some went there together
we came back



Photos: You Only Need Ask...

I know one question a lot of people interested in Photography ask: ‘How to I get those magnificent pictures like I see in the magazines?’  The simple answer is, you ask for permission.  421 more words


Dim and Dimmer

Mrs. Dim hates autumn leaves almost as much as I hate the sound of leaf-blowers. She wages a steady campaign upon the leaves, determined to keep their time on her lawn and flowerbeds as short as humanly possible. 599 more words


Time and Timelessness: The Shallows

In the metaphor of depth, Nicholas Carr comments on our cultural wading in the The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to our Brains. He speaks, not as a Luddite or techno-neophite (that is, not as I), but as a longtime computer enthusiast who takes care to distinguish between the beneficial & detrimental aspects of the Internet. 638 more words


Mrs. Dim's new hobby

It’s been a while since I have complained about my neighbor, Mrs. Dim. As a matter of fact, she has taken up a new hobby this summer to go with her compulsive lawn and garden maintenance. 599 more words


The First Curmudgeon

Curmudgeon (noun)

Ill-tempered or cantankerous person. Usually older, male. Circa 1570-1580


"Six days shalt thou work ...

and do all thou art able (on the seventh the same, and sweep out the stable)”

One doggedly persistent concept that keeps getting knocked about and kicked in the shins is the legendary 40-hour work week.   531 more words

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