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{I know TMC is so sour he gives grapes a bad name, but occasionally there is something worth noticing, however small, in his curmudgeonly insights, and so, once again, I yield the platform to him.  527 more words


Lyin' with the liars

Is it wrong to lie to someone if that person is lying to you?

One day last week I was working at home when the telephone rang. 337 more words

A pungent captain

An arrogant lieutenant joins the cavalry of a pungent captain at an outpost in the middle of the desert surrounded by Comanche and Apache Indians.

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The past few weeks have been jam packed with a ton of activity for me, spring cleaning, helping a friend declutter her office, getting the garden ready, a little travel, etc.  734 more words


The Meandering Curmudgeon
Episode 4

POW (proprietor of website, and I’m sure prisoner of woe) had a scare with his puny gall bladder this past week.  430 more words


Connections: May 5.18

Accusing, narrowed eye,

disapproving glare,

prunish dour expression,

unblinking fiendish stare.

Beneath those rosy feathers

curmudgeon’s heart must beat —

how does such a malcontent… 11 more words



A bumper sticker forced me to smile yesterday—not so much because of its humor, but more for the sense of perspective it provided. “I had friends on that Death Star,” it said. 1,049 more words