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Curmudgeons of Forestville

A support group meeting for Forestville curmudgeons have canceled their monthly meeting for Saturday after all the members became annoyed and complained that all the members were surly, crusty and miserable human beings not worth their time.

Things To Do In Forestville

A bane to sartorial splendor

I’m boorish. There, I’ve finally admitted to being a bore…or boor…or whatever you wish to call one who really doesn’t care all that much about convention. 795 more words

Human Behavior

Why nobody likes me

Mrs. Dim and I had a disagreement this weekend. I described it to Dwayne at City Hall as a difference of opinion; it could easily have been called a shouting match. 716 more words


The bane of civilization

Civilization has taken two wrong turns which are difficult to reverse. Gasoline-powered automobiles and purely residential land developments are so common in the United States that they are taken for granted. 892 more words



Since making themselves at home on Sonsie farm, little that aged wanderers Adelaide and Benny got up to surprised me anymore- and this summer morning, upon waking to the clinking of shovels, and Adelaide’s singing, I did get up to look. 843 more words

more words laid to rest

These are words and phrases to destroy.

“Nestled” when describing the location of a town or village. Examples: “Dogville is nestled at the foot of Wiggly Mountain.” In point of fact, every stinking town in every travel site or brochure and in every human interest story in the world, is… 196 more words

Personal And None Of Your Business


There’s a depth

in your eyes

where the night skies

twinkle. 18 more words