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Sometimes you just do not know

Picture an office filled with men, each doing his own job, each living his own life. None of them really knows any of the others. (I have made all the workers men just for the ease of using the same pronoun. 749 more words

Jesus Christ

Murder in the neighborhood

Mrs. Dim is at it again.

Let’s get this straight from the beginning: a weed is an unwanted plant. There’s no other way to define the word. 595 more words


Immortal Holiday, Part 5: The Feast (Happy Easter)

So: pre-Easter dinner… which I was already late for at sunset.

The idea was that I’d “already eaten” and could join the conversation at Uncle Ron’s without making too many excuses… which would have worked fine until the cook insisted the family wait for me. 595 more words

Janiss Connelly


I want to be a curmudgeon. I’m the right age. I’ve paid my dues. I’ve earned the right. Problem is, I’m having a hard time doing it. 677 more words


Do you mind if I don't care?

We citizens of the United States of America are generous and civic spirited.  Donald J Trump President 45 has taken charge of running our government.  Now we have to deal with rude pushy and selfish complainers.  308 more words


The final straw

A few years ago I found a radio station I truly enjoyed. It played music from fifties hits to contemporary hits—you could hear Elvis and Taylor Swift and the Beatles and the Police in the same fifteen-minute set. 531 more words


A real-life Ove

I’m reading the novel “A man called Ove.” I’m not too far in and Ove already reminds me of a curmudgeon I know in real life. 94 more words