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"Six days shalt thou work ...

and do all thou art able (on the seventh the same, and sweep out the stable)”

One doggedly persistent concept that keeps getting knocked about and kicked in the shins is the legendary 40-hour work week.   531 more words

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Beneath your veneer
Curmudgeonly and sour, lies
Sheer unbridled joy


I hate small talk

I almost feel like I should preface most of my posts with “I’m really not a bad guy, I’m just a curmudgeon”, but I’m pretty sure anyone who has read me gets that loud and clear at this point. 533 more words


Curmudgeon's Pub

I don’t get out much.  Why should I since all is do is complain about what I encounter?  I got to thinking that, lazy soul that I am, why don’t I get the complaints to come to me? 122 more words


A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman - 5/5 STARS #AManCalledOve #ManCalledOve #FredrikBackman

This book will make you want an Ove (Oo-Veh)in your life.

We open to a curmudgeonly man. He is 59 and strong as a bull with all the labor he has done in his life. 248 more words


Education for What?

James K.A. Smith over at Comment, has an interesting—and curmudgeonly—essay praising newspapers and asking what the purpose of education is. Read the whole thing… 449 more words


Some Curmudgeonly Comments on Sneeze Blessings

Our society has some dumb customs.  One of the dumbest is blurting, “Bless you!” whenever anybody within hearing distance sneezes.

Where did this custom originate? There are several theories. 348 more words