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YARR's Curmudgeon Expresses Regret in New Siege on 'Popular' Player Gwendalynn

A leading YARR warrior has apologized ahead of time TUF’s Gwendalynn for attempting to raze her city of Cow Palace. Earlier, YARR officials noted the landing of Curmudgeon’s siege forces in Pawanallpa: 294 more words


Job interview fantasy

Do you create silly scenarios in your head, imagining situations that will never happen? I do.

I imagine myself applying for a job at a Christian company. 472 more words

Jesus Christ

Have you seen this man?

Missing…… A 70 year old curmudgeon with a intermittent limp, selectively deaf and usually heard to be mumbling to himself. If you see this man please do not approach him, especially in the early mornings… 292 more words


Aga Prevails in Heated YARR Siege, Stopping Force "At The Gates"

TUF has stopped the advance of a major YARR siege operation against Agalloch in the Pawanallpan desert in what appears to have been a riveting battle. 526 more words



From airport, bus, ferry and cab, I was disgorged onto the sidewalk outside “Tara”. For better or worse, home from summer in Wales. The window display of our dusty luggage shop was a visual delight. 960 more words

Agalloch in the Crosshairs As YARR Targets TUF Leader in Pawanallpa

Sieges continue to set up throughout the server in the increasingly explosive YARR/TUF war, this time involving TUF leader Agalloch. A new post in the… 104 more words