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Romantic comedies

“Boys only want pork if it’s kosher” is a mishearing of a line from a Taylor Swift song. It makes just as much sense as the real line, though. 872 more words



I’m busy today. Really busy, but now I’m also full of words and need to let them out. It’s a productive form of procrastination.

This hashtag #Disabledandcute, crossed my Twitter feed. 623 more words


Why do they call it "rush hour" when no one can possibly rush?

Heavy traffic never results in enjoyable driving. These observations on driving in heavy traffic are based both on actual laws and on common sense. They might be better expressed in a letter to the editor of the local newspaper, but for now, I am using this forum to teach drivers what they should already know. 471 more words


Rantings of an Old Curmudgeon! (Social Media)

Okay.  Okay. So I just turned 67.  I don’t feel 67.  Some days I don’t feel older than, say, 62.  But I’ve got a lot of life left in me.  214 more words


Connections: February 2.17


I don’t get it

I never will

what’s with this oracular

Punxsutawney Phil?

I can never remember

if it’s shadow or sun… 58 more words


Rocky's Bridal Boutique

Earlier this week I commented that I try not to be angry at callers on the telephone. They can call at inconvenient times, such as during meals or when I’m watching TV. 718 more words

"Hello, my name is Joe"

From time to time I dream of winning a grand victory over an evil intelligence, as Captain Kirk so often did in Star Trek. Yesterday, on a small scale, I finally had my chance. 553 more words