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Hey, I figured Something Out!

No; don’t laugh. I don’t mean I figured out how to tie my shoe or hit a forehand. I mean I think I discovered something that no one has though of before. 737 more words

Take It All In

“Take a seat,” Paul said, pointing to the bench at the edge of the park. “Now close your eyes, old friend, and take it all in.” 244 more words


You can take the girl out of the 'burbs...

I’ve lived in the city, for the most part, for the past thirteen years.  Prior to that, I spent 18 years in the suburbs.  That is to say: when I turned 18, I gleefully grabbed my high school diploma and got the hell out.  794 more words




Such a wonderful word to roll around on your tongue.  It has a solid, satisfying sound when spoken aloud, dropping weightily into a conversation like a bag of sand thumping a wooden floor.  1,007 more words

Funny, Eh?

The Old Fogies go to London Zoo

Although Zoos are not normally our favourite places to go, our youngest grandchild wanted to go to the new attraction called Zoorassic Park. So, with grandchild in tow, off Mr Curmudgeon and I went to see this new experience. 457 more words



When I get in my vehicle I adjust my mirrors, buckle my seat belt, close the overhead garage door, and shift to reverse. Then I wad all my Christian grace into a ball and throw it in the back seat. 570 more words

Ms. Anne Channels Her Inner Curmudgeon (or, Remembering Andy Rooney)

“Two common sayings bother me, “ Ms. Anne said yesterday morning before the rush. “And you know the third statement that irritates me.”

“Yes, I’ve heard you rant about ‘no problem’ when you think a ‘you’re welcome’ is proper,” I said. 322 more words