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Party Animals

I’m having a Christmas party.

I know, it’s insane. No one has the time or energy to socialize during the holidays.

But if I don’t host a party, I’m not going to one and neither are a lot of my friends. 1,127 more words

Transforming A Christmas Curmudgeon


Since I found out the horrible truth about Santa, I have always been a huge Christmas Curmudgeon.  I had been concerned as a small child, as our house didn’t have a chimney.   490 more words

Jannica Merrit

Mourning the semicolon; it turned into a wink and was gone...

I’m of an age when I can fondly remember articles, objects, bits and pieces, things that just don’t exist anymore…

Card Catalogs — Yes, I was a librarian who learned how to catalog and classify a book and type a perfect catalog card (in triplicate) with accurate punctuation, including semicolons; but we’ll get to that later…. 810 more words


My curse of You Tube

You Tube, I curse you. I cast a spell on you that will drive you away from me forever. You have become my kryptonite, my Achilles heel, the bane of my existence. 1,077 more words


And Life

What is the value of a life? For some their value lies in great deeds and heroic accomplishments but what of the rest of us? What of the millions who live rather simple unadorned lives? 666 more words


A wretched soul

This morning I realised that it is very helpful to my fellow humans to list my grievances and post a selfie on the worldwide web. Online Whinge Day will surely change the world for the better, and as I am perfect, I’ve got a long list of complaints about human behaviour: 250 more words

Self Improvement

I did a thing!

So yeah, I made this stupid thing because I got tired of being funny all to myself or being angry all by myself. Maybe you like what I’ve got to say … maybe not, but hey, the Internet needed a voice for the curmudgeons of the world right? 39 more words