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HERE'S A CANDLE- From Worzel

Godfrey was ill..He called it “FLUX O” BILE”. He was curled up in my turquoise chair, unhappy. Lest it be perceived that in telling his story, I have elevated Godfrey to sainthood- it was his own fault. 692 more words

Lucifer's Lexicon by L.A. Rollins

(Originally published in SALON: A Journal of Aesthetics)

Are you in need of someone to convince you that things are awful and will only degenerate; that people basically suck and many are even worse than that; and that you personally are a complete asshole? 348 more words

Freedom Of Expression

In which I witter on for ages about Why stuff was better in the "Olde Dayes".

For those of you who know me well, what I am about to say should come as no surprise to you. Those of you who just read this thing because we are friends on Facebook because we share a perceived need to play Criminal Case will probably not even give a crap and those of you who know me because we have met in a theatre rehearsal room probably don’t really want to hear anything more about me. 1,305 more words

Mrs. Dim blows away

Mrs. Dim loves her leaf-blower. She could happily run it all day. Some days it seems as if she does. In back of her house she has a small concrete patio, no bigger than the average bathroom. 551 more words


In Defense of Curmudgeonary

Curmudgeons Unite!

Recognizing that there is a prevalent general disdain, dislike, and disapproval of curmudgeon’s I would like to offer an argument in defense of curmudgeon’s everywhere.  773 more words

My best friend's rotten wife

I have a very good friend, the best friend I could ever have. I like him very much; in fact, I owe everything I have to him. 462 more words

Jesus Christ

Why does he do it?

Soren Kierkegaard describes a man who lived in a quiet neighborhood of Copenhagen. This man, a bookkeeper, was respected and well-lived, for he was kind, educated, generous, and particularly benevolent toward children. 614 more words

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