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Atheist, Agnostic, Believer or Blind Follower?

Life is a puzzlement. So much to do, so many choices, so many conflicts, so much confusion, so much tragedy, so many bigots. Watching SONA and trying to piece together the posturing, aggression and disjointed noise left me wondering about the meaning of life. 855 more words

Author Peter Hall

JEAN SHEPHERD--Curmudgeons: Eye Contact, Ear Contact

Shepherd exhibited antagonism toward his engineers, sponsors, radio administrators, but he was not alone in expressing such antagonisms in public. Fred Allen took vigorous jabs at his station executives with unabashed hostility. 572 more words

Intrinsic Nature Of His Art

small appliance OCD. A sad disease.

I fell in love with small electric appliances shortly after my wife and I received our first 2 speed Electric Mixer, a General Electric Model, as a wedding present. 920 more words

Interesting stuff.

I was working on my column for next week and found this web site this morning while looking up the origin of the phrase ‘worth one’s salt’. 55 more words


Lessons Learned II

Many moons ago an old friend said something about sports which has always stuck —

“The only honest sport is rock climbing”.

Welcome to the Depraved World of the Rode Brothers

Hello, cartooniphiles! And shame on you!

Welcome to our site, a compendium of cartoons and other machinations from Jeff and Steve Rode, consummate cartoonists and all-around oddball thinkers. 46 more words

Eschewing the "curmudgeon" mentality

Hello World!

As a long time “fan” of video games, I have developed a “Slightly above average” interest in the “world” surrounding my dear hobby. Being involved in the community, I have noticed an increase in vitriol toward the medium which is supposed to bring us so much joy. 420 more words