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Deutsche Bank ONCE AGAIN Found Guilty Of Rigging Gold And Silver Markets!

Josh Sigurdson sits down with author and economic analyst John Sneisen to once again expose Deutsche Bank for rigging silver and gold prices following Deutsche Bank trader David Liew admitted to intentionally doing just that in court.  244 more words

Economic Report

The three biggest economic errors in Donald Trump's interview with The Economist

US president Donald Trump sat down for a discussion about economics with editors from The Economist. It revealed that “Trumponomics” is not entirely grounded in reality. 783 more words

Consumers and Currency Manipulators

I am always a bit puzzled (not entirely, just a bit) when I hear our country’s leadership say things like “the dollar is too strong” or “we need to make the dollar more attractive in the foreign currency markets.” 296 more words

Conservative Thought

Making News: Thom Hartmann and John Batchelor Interviews Now On-Line!

I’m pleased to report that the streaming video and podcast are now on-line of my two broadcast media interviews yesterday on President Trump’s China policy about-face. 84 more words


The Sound Of Another Trump Flip-Flop

IT IS ALL going rather swimmingly for China with the United States right now. Following the happily smooth summit between President Xi Jinping and US President Donald Trump in Florida last week, the US president has said that China is not manipulating its currency. 168 more words


Backtracking on another fiery campaign pledge, Trump says China is not a currency manipulator

US president Donald Trump spent most of his time on the campaign trail blaming China for a “wanton manipulation” of their currency by devaluing the yuan and “robbing Americans” of money and jobs—a claim that puzzled economists and business executives alike, because it hadn’t been true for about a decade. 236 more words

Making News: Talking China on Thom Hartmann TV & John Batchelor Radio Shows Tonight!

I’m pleased to announce a media two-fer today!  At 7 PM EST, I’ll be returning to The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann on RT America to discuss President Trump’s landmark decision today to decline to label China as a currency cheater. 119 more words