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The Dilemma Over Zimbabwe Bond Notes

In November of 2016, Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe issued bond notes in an attempt to keep the country’s domestic economy afloat. Mugabe claimed that the value… 481 more words


Notes From Underground: Cleaning Out The Financial News Stables

Today, Rick Santelli and I offered insights into this week’s FOMC meeting, coupled with the recent ECB actions. I noted that the Italian BOND FUTURES… 575 more words


Diplomatic Lifestyle Journal June 2017 Edition



June 2017 EDITION| diplomaticlifestyle@gmail.com

Running for Public or Political Office can be easy or tough depending on the campaign strategy that you are using. 5,513 more words

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Why China’s currency manipulation isn’t a problem

Why China’s currency manipulation isn’t a problem

Rodrigo Zeidan, NYU Shanghai

US President Donald Trump was right to accuse China of manipulating its currency – … 1,033 more words

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What Is This Thing Called "Currency Manipulation?"

Over the past few years, I have written a number of posts (e.g., here, here and here) posing — and trying to answer — the question: what is this strange thing called “currency manipulation?” I have to admit that I was actually moderately pleased with myself for having applied ideas developed by the eminent Australian international-trade and monetary economist Max Corden in a classic paper called “Exchange Rate Protection.” Unfortunately, my efforts don’t seem to have pleased – even minimally – Scott Sumner who, in a recent… 2,460 more words

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