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We have moved to sell the Rebounds

This is one of today’s headlines on Zerohedge https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-16/we-have-moved-sell-rebounds-dollar-slides-futures-fade-amid-political-turmoil . It echoes what we wrote yesterday in the article below. The headline is a quote from Deutsche Bank Asset Management, one of the big players in the market. 199 more words

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Madness is Reason

Just imagine the following. A very wealthy woman sells all of her assets for US Dollars. She then orders the Bank to deliver the cash in bank notes. 358 more words

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Notes From Underground: Things to Contemplate

Let’s discuss the concept of tariffs with a wider historical perspective:

The Bretton Woods system crafted at the end of World War II provided the U.S. 928 more words


Counter-intuitive Market Moves

How can the currency of an insolvent country appreciate against other currencies? One would think it is a very unwise idea to buy the Federal Reserve Notes, since they will be printed like confetti to pay for debt service and a monthly trade deficit of $75 billion (January 2018). 235 more words

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Canada's big six banks accused of rate-rigging in lawsuit

Nine large banks, including six from Canada (Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto-Dominion Bank, Bank of Nova Scotia and others), have been accused in a lawsuit of conspiring to rig a Canadian rate benchmark to improve profits from derivatives trading.   41 more words

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(What's Left of) Our Economy: The Case for Keeping it Simple with China Trade Just Got Stronger

I haven’t been closely following the Labor Department’s import price data lately, and that’s been an oversight. As is clear from this morning’s figures (for August), they keep telling a fascinating and important tale about China’s ongoing manipulation of its currency and how it does and doesn’t impact U.S. 1,483 more words

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Defining Currency Manipulation for Scott Sumner

A little over a week ago, Scott Sumner wrote a post complaining that I had not yet given him a definition of currency manipulation. That complaint was a little bit surprising to me, because I have been writing about currency manipulation off and on for almost five years already on this blog ( 2,155 more words

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