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currency effects on US companies' 1Q16 earnings

Over the past year or more, the international portion of the earnings results of US publicly traded companies has suffered from the strength of the US dollar. 407 more words

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Venezuela devalues - too little, too late

Insufficiently bold, and several years too late, steps have nevertheless finally been taken to try to address some of the crippling problems currently destroying Venezuela’s economy. 221 more words

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South Sudan Floats the Pound

Having fixed the value of the South Sudanese pound (SSP) against the US dollar since independence, at great expense to its dwindling foreign-currency reserves, the… 168 more words

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Exchange rates: November moves

The inclusion of China‘s yuan renminbi in the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights currency basket has stolen the exchange-rate headlines this month, but Argentina‘s change of president is likely to require more immediate attention among international human resources teams. 727 more words

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Wonders of Words

          You are having your nap when your eyes are riveted to the screen intrigued about an advertisement with “be pimple free, be beautiful you” tag line promoting an instant fix to the reddish swelling dots on your face which you have just noticed. 586 more words


The Hazards of Currency Movements

Though currency movement is natural in any economy; in reality it doesn’t bring happiness to all. Value appreciation of USD for instance can bring smile to a Forex dealer who’s willing to sale USD; but on the flip side export industries in US bleed profusely.Because, countries that import from US will have to pay more for the same amount of goods or services like earlier in view of dollar value appreciation. 295 more words