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The IMF says Larry Summers is right—and Ben Bernanke is wrong—about economic stagnation

The biggest debate in the economics world—whether advanced economies like the United States or the European Union are doomed to stagnation—has pitted former US Treasury secretary Larry Summers against former Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke. 390 more words

Following Up: Why China's Economy is Still Export-Dependent

Yesterday, I wrote about how China watchers’ longtime focus on Beijing’s practice of artificially cheapening its currency to gain trade advantages has often blinded them to all the other ploys that Chinese leaders can and frequently have used to rig markets. 569 more words


A strong Euro is probably here to stay

After this week-end speeches by Mario Draghi and Benoit Coeuré, a lower euro exchange rate is expected. They said that the ECB monetary policy will probably become more accommodative (see… 426 more words

Euro Area

Kemal Derviş about Northern Europe's Current Account Surpluses

Here, on Project Syndicate.

This is another important post debunking the argument that the export surpluses of Germany, the Netherlands etc are representing the results of good economic policy. 722 more words


Germany doesn't care if everyone hates its export model

Germany’s economic model has been getting rotten tomatoes thrown at it from all angles lately. Late last month, an official US Treasury Department report criticized German unwillingness to boost domestic spending to support demand within Europe’s largest economy. 340 more words

An irony-impaired US government report lectures Germany on how to manage its finances

Twice a year, the US Treasury department produces a report for Congress on the exchange-rate policies of America’s big trading partners. It’s become something of a ritual each time to speculate on whether the US will dub China a “currency manipulator” for how it manages the value of the yuan. 335 more words