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Women, Men and What the Hell are We Doing Here?

Can it ever really change?  

That is the question that keeps rolling through my thoughts.  Men have always treated women this way.  Powerful people have. Many of us, women and men, who have been directly victimized by this cultural norm have spent years getting therapy, working through our fears and anger and learning to live with the reality of being perpetually in danger in a world ruled by the powerful, mostly men.   1,192 more words

Is Populism Really a Problem?

We’re supposed to think it is.

Just look at the havoc populism has wrought on our once stable, orderly and deeply contented Western societies. The seismic shock of Brexit, the Trumpocalypse, the rise of… 690 more words


Mugabe to address nation as he agrees to stand down as President of Zimbabwe

According to the SKY websit President Mugabe has been given until noon local time on Monday to resign he met with the military to negotiate his departure. 66 more words


Presidente Trump, Frank Underwood, y la importancia a la diplomacia en las relaciones internacionales

Según las investigaciones del centro de PEW Research, la imagen de los Estados Unidos en todo el escenario global ha empeorado debido a la administración de Trump. 744 more words


The Nameless News

So what’s the current BIG news? Right now it’s a doddering old ruler in Zimbabwe being ousted by his army to put in another guy who used to be his loyal and brutal chief henchman. 652 more words

State And Government

Jirga - 19 November 2017


Jirga – 19 November 2017 Jirga covers every important issue related to politics, economy, sociology, religion and international relations. It is a journey to achieve prosperous future by providing access to bitter truth through serious and thought provoking dialogue


Is POC solidarity a MYTH?

Some small small history…

“In the late 20th century, the term “person of color” was introduced in the United States in order to counter the condescension implied by the terms “non-white” and “minority”, and racial justice activists in the U.S., influenced by radical theorists such as Frantz Fanon, popularized it at this time. 774 more words

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