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Elizabeth Moran and Women's Work at TIME Magazine

After a fairly long break from my volunteer gig at Cuchifritos, I’m back at the crack of noon- coffee in hand, heels perched under the reception desk, and as always, croissant crumbs sticking to my new skirt. 276 more words

Modern Spiritualism in Photography

About a week or so ago, I got a message from a good friend of mine suggesting I check out a photographer he had just met at his university. 324 more words

Celebration in Contemporary Queer Art

Even in the last few years, living openly as queer has finally become fairly accepted, and the AIDS crisis is all but forgotten in the minds of today’s LGBT youth- and this peace of mind is reflected in the work that is being made today. 346 more words

December Gallery Review- ArtsWestchester

Taking a break from writing about galleries solely in NYC, I’d like to make mention of a wonderfully put together show in White Plains, NY. Called  319 more words

Privilege and Classism in the Art World

It’s no secret that as an artist or gallerist, you’re not likely to see many zeros on your paycheck. Although the ‘starving artist’ trope is largely over-exaggerated, it is often incredibly difficult for those who don’t come from a position of wealth or influence to make it very far in this industry. 272 more words

Art in Odd Places

I’ve been a little removed from my blog for multiple reasons- between work and actually going out to look at art, it’s become difficult to find the time to sit down and write about it. 371 more words

(Belated) September Monthly Gallery Review- June Kelly Gallery

Hey all! I apologize for the delay in the September gallery review, I’ve been fairly busy in my personal life as of late (including some upcoming projects that I’ll talk about later). 288 more words