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Científicos revelan por qué dormimos mal en otra cama

Los científicos dicen que dormimos peor en otra cama que no es la nuestra, dado que nuestro cerebro reacciona ante lo que considera una “alerta de peligro”.

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年節狂吃肥一圈 別以為靠大量運動能甩肉

年節狂吃肥一圈 別以為靠大量運動能甩肉

【健康傳媒 編譯組/外電報導】2016.02.18

過了一個年節假期,止不住口腹之慾的人又增加了一圈肥肉,只好透過強力又長時間的運動來甩肉,但這樣辛苦的運動真的有效嗎?最新研究指出,過量、過多的運動,並不會消耗更多的熱量,所以運動過了頭,對於減肥沒有太大的幫助,該研究刊登在《現代生物學》(Current Biology)期刊上。

美國紐約大學人類學博士Herman Pontzer教授和科羅拉多大學醫學中心校區(CU Anschutz Medical Campus)專精於內分泌、代謝與糖尿病領域的Edward L. Melanson博士共同研究,研究小組測量了300多位的男性和女性一周內的日常活動量,以及他們消耗的卡路里量,這些人來自於非洲和北美共5個國家,包括美國、加納、牙買加、塞席爾和南非。




Smell guides mosquitoes to see a human host

Published in The Hindu on July 27

It may be largely impossible to avoid getting bitten by a mosquito unless and otherwise one can stay in an environment free of carbon dioxide for extended periods, remain nearly invisible and have a cool body temperature. 426 more words

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The science of screams deciphered

Published in The Hindu on July 17, 2015

Ever wondered why human screams can pierce through even a noisy environment and alert people? The answer lies in the unique acoustic property of a scream that triggers the brain’s fear circuitry into action.   235 more words

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Scientist proposes marriage through a journal paper

Published in the Hindu on June 11, 2015

A few days ago, the amusing ways in which some men proposed to their girlfriends were telecast by America’s Funniest Video show. 316 more words

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White Bengal tiger enigma solved

Published in The Hindu on May 24, 2013

A change in a single amino acid (A477V) in one pigmentation-related gene (SLC45A2) causes some tigers to have white fur with dark or sepia brown stripes, scientists from Peking University, Beijing, have found. 332 more words

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