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Brain scans of one-handed people are completely changing our understanding of the brain.

“The implications, if this interpretation is correct, are massive.”

¬†Scans taken of people born with only one hand have revealed areas of the brain typically associated with the ‘missing hand’ are taken over by other parts of the body, radically changing our thinking on how our brain operates. 593 more words


Got a painful paper cut or hangnail?

Do this to ease the pain: Cross your fingers. The journal Current Biology says crossing the injured finger over another can reduce the pain you feel. 19 more words

Intelligence For Your Life

Dog waits for owner killed in convenience-store robbery

Too often, at great expense and effort, scientists succeed in merely confirming what we already know to be true.

A recent example is the publication of a study in the journal… 445 more words

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Key mechanism behind brain connectivity and memory revealed

Schematic of mice with dysfunctional and functional Wnt signaling. 

Memory loss in mice has been successfully reversed following the discovery of new information about a key mechanism underlying the loss of nerve connectivity in the brain, say UCL researchers. 595 more words