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Birds Can See Earth's Magnetic Fields, And We Finally Know How That's Possible

The mystery behind how birds navigate might finally be solved: it’s not the iron in their beaks providing a magnetic compass, but a newly discovered protein in their eyes that lets them “see” Earth’s magnetic fields. 525 more words


Researchers Find More Than 100,000 of Borneo's Orangutans Have Been Wiped Out

There’s no excuse.

Bornean orangutans, the largest tree-dwellers on the planet, are vanishing. The population of these great apes was halved between 1999 and 2015, per an estimate published Thursday in the journal… 695 more words


Borneo orangutans dying off as forests are lost: study

The population of orangutans in Borneo has plummeted by more than half since 1999 — nearly 150,000 of the apes — largely due to chopping down forests for logging, paper, palm oil and mining, researchers said Thursday. 284 more words


Orangutan Tapanuli (Pongo tapanuliensis), spesies baru Orangutan di Sumatera

Orangutan Tapanuli (Pongo tapanuliensis), spesies Baru Orangutan di Sumatera. Pongo tapanuliensis atau orangutan tapanuli dinobatkan sebagai spesies orangutan ketiga, setelah Pongo pygmaeus (orangutan kalimantan) dan… 659 more words


Brain scans of one-handed people are completely changing our understanding of the brain.

“The implications, if this interpretation is correct, are massive.”

┬áScans taken of people born with only one hand have revealed areas of the brain typically associated with the ‘missing hand’ are taken over by other parts of the body, radically changing our thinking on how our brain operates. 593 more words