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AR-15s ‘Not Protected’ By 2nd Amendment & Can Be Banned, Court Rules In Landmark Decision

By Daniel Jennings – Off The Grid News

RICHMOND, Va. — The U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ignored precedent and the Constitution in ruling this week that semi-automatic weapons don’t have Second Amendment protections, critics say. 84 more words

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Why Telling People They Belong Can Cure The World Of Hate

I’ve never experienced violent extremism myself. I’ve never attended the funerals of my friends who have fallen victim to the rage of an extremist madman. I’ve never feared for the lives of my classmates who’ve been recruited abroad to build a utopia for religious extremists. 670 more words

Traditionally Submissive

For those who do not know, Prime Minister David Cameron in the UK recently patronized Muslim women by suggesting that we are “submissive.” My message to you, Prime Minister Cameron, is that Muslim women are anything but submissive. 313 more words


ReThink: an app to stop cyberbullying

“The adolescent brain is like a car with no brakes.” At 14, Trisha Prabhu found a way to put the brakes on mean comments that tweens and teens write to their peers. 171 more words

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Take the Outsider Test

Through the Obama years, Democrats had no problem with his pen and phone approach. If he couldn’t get it his way with GOP support, he was determined to go it alone. 739 more words

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