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I know what you watched last summer

Classes at Pepperdine begin today, but mine are not until tomorrow.  It gives me a chance to type up a summer book report. 1,377 more words

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An avid reader and someone who tries to stay abreast of current events, I have concluded, “enough is enough.”  I have decided who I will vote for in the upcoming election, and continual news saturation will not change my mind.  436 more words

Trump shakes up campaign, prepares to roll out long-awaited ads

Trump, hitting reset on his 2016 campaign, is preparing to roll out his first wave of general election TV ads in four pivotal battleground states after shaking up the top echelon of his team in a bid to focus his message and make up lost ground in the polls against Hillary Clinton. 690 more words

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On Harambe

About three days after the death of Harambe–once a mortal Western Lowland Gorilla, now an immortal internet meme/satirized martyr–I wrote a post conveying my feelings. I figured I’d missed the newsworthy window, so I ditched it. 563 more words

An Introduction to the world-changing implications of CRISPR

The blind receive sight, and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, and the dead are raised, and the poor are gospelized.  – Matthew 11:5

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A lefty journalist learns about MSM 'objectivity' the hard way

Here is the original video by Paul Joseph ‘lipstick on a pig’ Watson that he was shut down for linking to:

Alex Jones

Donald Trump on "The Bullying Antidote"

Donald Trump is doing a lot of speaking these days. It has influenced children, and his hate speech is creating back-to-school woes. What if he told the truth instead? 24 more words

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