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Gorilla Shootin'

Killing an animal to protect a human child is far less upsetting than killing an animal because somebody is craving a burger.

If you care to meet me with reproach over this view, keep in mind that the distinction between which animals it is acceptable to kill stems from subjective cultural bias. 49 more words


Trump's media bashing hits new level with 'sleaze' dig

Jevin Sackett Recomends… Donald Trump pointed at a reporter today and called him a “sleaze,” the latest attack on the press that Trump says he would continue if he’s elected president. 33 more words

Jevin Sackett

Does Trump's plan to drill more oil make sense?

Jevin Sackett Recomends… Donald Trump wants to cut regulation and encourage a lot more oil and gas drilling. But it’s hard to see how that would cure what’s ailing the energy business, especially the coal industry Trump promised to save. 12 more words

Jevin Sackett

Has Society Gone Bananas?

This past Saturday at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden a four year old boy scrambled past a protective barrier and fell about fifteen feet into the “Gorilla World” exhibit. 931 more words


Fifteen Minutes on Carter, The Assisted Dying Bill and Constitutional Remedies

In this video blog, I explain the impact of the Carter v Canada decision, which struck down the assisted suicide provision of the Criminal Code, but did so in an unusual way.   43 more words

Current Events

Triggergeddon: You're NOT special!.

At the age of 37, I never thought I would be in a position where I would be looking at todays youth and shaking my head. 555 more words