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The "Mania" of Transgenderism

I recently read an interesting article, The Cracks in the Edifice of Transgender Totalitarianism, which gives a lengthy and thorough look at Transgender ideology and the movement from beginning to now. 725 more words

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Patriots Will Fix This Country Just As They Have In The Past . . .

Just as Dr. Sebastian Gorka stated to reporters he has blocked on his Twitter account, you, Tumulty, are an asshat. Obama is not the President any longer and has no legal authority to do anything at all. 244 more words

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2019 Minnesota Quilters Show, Part Two, Special Exhibits

The 2019 Minnesota Quilters Show had one of the best collections of special exhibits I’ve ever seen at a quilt show. Here is the first of two posts about the special exhibits. 305 more words

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We would be wise to consider Bill the Butcher’s Words as it pertains to the Current INVASION of our country by the hordes of Illegals intent on it’s destruction. 14 more words

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Bundyville: The Remnant, Chapter Two: The Hunter and the Bomb

Leah Sottile | Longreads | July 2019 | 25 minutes (6,186 words)

Part 2 of 5 of Bundyville: The Remnant, season two of Bundyville, a series and podcast from Longreads and  7,322 more words