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The "Creative Class" Ideology Going Backwards

Last week, there was an editorial that should have had more attention and discussion about race and socioeconomics than marches and statues.

That puts me in the minority, pardon the pun, to rehash this topic again. 749 more words

Current Events

I want my weakness

White supremacists have dominated the news cycles lately.

I’ve never really understood the concept of racial superiority.

When I read about how African slaves were treated in colonial America, how they were considered less than human, it makes me sick to my stomach. 740 more words


ADHD From nobody to everybody

I received a notification from a blogger whose site directed me to a symptom checker about ADD or ADHD or whatever it’s called. For some reason this compelled me to write about this learning disorder. 339 more words

My Take

August 19 -- LOVE, John Lennon (1970)

In times of political and civil unrest, we seek answers and meaning in music.

In light of the violent events in Virginia last weekend and the finger-pointing this week, it stikes me that most peace-and-protest music — admittedly much of it from my favorite artists — is preachy and defiant. 166 more words


US attorney general says four charged in crackdown on leaks

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced four people have been charged over leaks as he launched a crackdown on disclosure of classified material. He said the suspects stood accused of unlawfully divulging classified information or concealing contacts with foreign intelligence officers. 250 more words

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