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From Big Business to Washington and Back Again, and No One Cares

“The health insurance industry alone has six lobbyists for every member of congress, over 500 of which are former congressional staffers.”

We no longer live in a democracy. 398 more words

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Black Problems Grow. Stop it NOW!

Utter ridiculousness! Kick their ass right out of school with NO refunds of anything they MAY have paid to attend. The longer people pander to these social misfits the longer it will continue . 6 more words

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Happy News - Crowdsourced funds raised to buy family car after last one destroyed in arson hate crime

Crowdsourced funds raised to buy family car after last one destroyed in arson hate crime

Submitted November 29, 2015 at 01:01PM by sir_wiggum
via the awesome folks of the Uplifting News subreddit: http://ift.tt/1MNDNx7


Gun Control and the Magic Wand

Here we go again. Another senseless and cowardly act of gun violence and I am bracing for the inevitable storm of heated debate over the issue of gun control. 296 more words


There's a War on Christmas and Christmas is Losing

Today is the first day of Advent, which marks the start of the pre-Christmas season. It is observed by many, if not most, of the Catholic faithful. 445 more words


Politics And Education-Do they really need each other?

As I sit here going through the list of ministers in the Canadian cabinet I cannot help but be impressed.It looks perfect.The minister of health is a doctor,minister of agriculture was a farmer,minister of defense is a veteran,minister of youth is less than 45 and the list goes on. 771 more words


Tales of Madness

Fearful politicians acting fearless
Aurelius rising to the pulpit delirious
Syphilitic pragmatist losing coherence
Armed with men with guns and speeches
Parables of made up kids who salute the waving gun… 763 more words