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All This Bulls**t Going Down

“And when I rolled with the punches I got knocked on the ground
by all this bullshit going down.” – “Fight the Power” – The Isley Brothers…

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Reshuffle on the right

I just saw a brief news item.. the NZ National Party (Right-wing opposition) are about to undertake a ‘Reshuffle’ of their MPs. One thing they did announce; the Deputy Leader, is to take on ‘Drug Law Reform’, in the run up to the promised ‘Reeferendum 2020’ at the next General election. 254 more words

Is The Wall All That Bad?

President Trump gave his semi address on Saturday and I would like to comment on something he said about the rape of children on the trail. 273 more words

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! For many it is not exactly a “happy” day and the mood for celebrating anything is null and void. The irony of today, January 21st, the day we nationally celebrate the honorable Dr.King Jr. 426 more words

Creative Writing

Why the sudden push-back against Catholics (and other Christians)?

Full disclosure for those who don’t already know: I’m not a Roman Catholic.

What I find really odd, as a non-Catholic, is the sudden public attacks on Catholics by people like Senators Mazie Hirono and Kamala Harris, most recently by their criticism of the Knights Of Columbus. 952 more words


I have worried about my weight since I was 13 years old and weighed 117 pounds. All my girlfriends felt, as I did, that we should lose weight. 689 more words


The week journalism died

You are probably familiar with the above story. This particular video has the most unbiased point of view I have seen.

Yes, the eighteen minute video, made by some guy in New Jersey in his spare time. 816 more words