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Women’s World Cup Final Was Most-Watched Soccer Game in United States History

This is about much more than just sports. It signifies a necessary societal shift. Of course that doesn’t mean that the winning women’s team receives the winning men’s team payout. 98 more words


Current Events: The best memes and funny pics from the 4th of july (Some NSFW)

Happy birthday America, I will be always thankful to the country that gave to the world rock music, hamburguers, Sasha grey, the ford mustang, Stephen King, the internet, GTA vice city and the marvel movies. 73 more words


Clinton aide worked on UAE project while at State Department

The corruption never ends, does it? Hillary Clinton’s top aide Cheryl Mills held several outside roles, including a board position with a UAE-funded university in Abu Dhabi, while working as chief of staff and counselor at the State Department, the Washington Free Beacon has learned. 217 more words

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Debunking ISIS Kuwait Sucide bombing that Killed 27 Peoples by Student of Knowledge Shaykh Abdurrahman Murad

All the praises is for Allah the Lord of the Worlds and peace and blessings be upon His Chosen Messenger Muhammad and upon his family and his companions all of them. 528 more words

Q & A By Abdurrahaman Murad