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The Comfort of Strangers.

I had to have some alone time today and so walked Maggie back from the supermarket one and a half miles away again.
I had my oncologist appointment this morning, and although we only had to wait something like ten minutes, it felt like hours. 669 more words

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After The Beating: Moroccan TV Airs Makeup Tips For Hiding Domestic Violence

The smiling woman on the daily Moroccan television show spoke to viewers as if it were any other makeup tutorial, comparing brands and hues of face foundation and demonstrating how to apply it. 774 more words

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If God Is an Authoritarian Bully . . .

Wow! I just read a blog post equating the evangelical Christian version of God with He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named (HWSNBN) and describing them both as authoritarian bullies.

Thankfully I don’t believe in a God who, according to some mysterious criteria, chooses to grant some people their wishes and not others, who saves some and not others, who allows some to live and not others , who favors some people over others, and demands our groveling adoration. 582 more words

It's Time for US to Take the Hit.

It was just over a month ago that something woke in me and I found myself en route to the small town of Cannon Ball on the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. 1,062 more words

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What you wish for

Jennifer Palmieri (Clinton campaign flack): “I would rather lose an election than win doing what you did.”

Kellyanne Conway (Trump campaign warrior goddess): “I think that can be arranged again if you like.”

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Friday link roundup 12/2

Next week, I’ll be doing a special holiday-themed Friday link roundup. This is an open call┬áto send me your links for holiday-related posts, gift guides, tips, news, and more. 196 more words