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A few words concerning the latest drama...

First they called him a “white supremacist” for expressing views different from those of the mainstream media. But I suppose any of us who’ve had the guts to express our own opinions have gone through similar over the last few months. 185 more words

If They're Effective, Destroy Them

It’s pretty high praise what the MSM and SJWs have been trying to do to Milo Yiannopoulos.  The more effective a person is the more important it is to shut them up.   297 more words

Current Events

What Might Bring the World to Chaos? by Fred Deruvo

In today’s political climate, fascist leftists are out to destroy any sense of free speech that they particularly do not agree with and gay immigrant Milo appears to be the catalyst. 2,475 more words

Bible Teaching/Prophecy

Russia's ambassador to United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, dies in NYC at 64

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Nothing strange going on here? Right?

He is the 7th person who has died who was connected to Christopher Steele’s Dossier on Trump. Dossier story on NYTimes

Russia Compiles Psychological Dossier on Trump for Putin

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FEB 20 2017, 6:10 PM


MOSCOW — A dossier on Donald Trump’s psychological makeup is being prepared for Russian President Vladimir Putin. 831 more words

Of Memes and Reputations

Oh, the wonderful world of memes! These little snippets of commentary have taken social media by storm, seemingly propagating at a rate that would shame the most fecund rabbits one can imagine. 952 more words


The Unrealized Hypocrisy of the Liberal Left 

New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio, Russell Simmons and Chelsea Clinton all attended a “Today I am a muslim Too” rally this past Sunday. The rally targeted Trump supporters from Middle America and Simmons expressed his hope that they would begin to question “their” government. 382 more words

Current Events