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Habits of thought

Ah, yes, habits of thought. Some, perhaps many, a hangover from childhood, particularly if we have not become fully resolved adults. Habits of thought, the assumptions we make. 424 more words


Herodotus: his view on power

It might be thought that, because I am currently reading Herodotus’ Histories, that speaking of what I learn from him is a temporary thing. Temporary in the sense that when the book is put down, Herodotus will leave my thoughts. 372 more words


The life of the mind

In the Western world we prize this over perhaps anything else that democracy offers. The freedom to think what we wish to think without imposition from others. 483 more words


Here Comes the Pushback

I make no pretense of interpreting Bible prophecy in terms of today’s current events. I don’t pore over Revelation and try to draw up a prophetic timetable. 331 more words