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Lest We Forget: ANZAC Day

ANZAC Day is a day to commemorate those who have fallen while serving the country in combat, while also paying respects to those who are fighting in current conflicts. 205 more words


How Does Identity Theft Happen?

Funny, you should ask.  I thought it would be interesting to look at news stories in the last week and see the myriad way that criminals are stealing identities.   394 more words

Current Events

Day 114: NFL Draft Anticipation

The NFL draft is only days away, and I as a football fan, am extremely excited. I see the NFL draft as the first official day of the NFL season, and the day that teams set as the turning point for the future of their franchise. 241 more words


Genetically Engineered Season (collage)

Spring came all at once.  Why is the allergy season so bad this year?  So I thought about this piece (or I may be looking forward to fall).


Name that piece of Art... part 75...

You know the drill by now… you can’t win if you don’t play…

There is actually a story behind this piece of art with a piece of Art… me… in it. 94 more words


Activists in Danger

In the first ten days of the new year, over one hundred murders were reported in Honduras. It is unclear how many of these people are LGBT supporters or the Environmental Activists that the country has become famous for killing. 343 more words

Name that Art... winners... part 9...

Some more winners from our ongoing ‘Name that piece of Art’ contest… Sorry, but this will only make sense if you match the number of each winner up with the corresponding number in the original ‘name that piece of Art’ contest post… 268 more words