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The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance.

Current Events

Why I Post on Facebook (i.e. Goodbye Facebook)

I DO NOT SUPPORT A POLICY OF SEPARATING CHILDREN FROM THEIR FAMILIES. Also, the end of this article will have a brief commentary about the situation at LuHi that developed over the last week.  1,379 more words

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Another attempt to bring out the two most critical points in the abortion debate

A month or two ago Ireland made a stride towards legal abortion, and the US made a stride in the opposite direction. Abortion is always on the political table though. 2,383 more words


'The Wealthiest and Freest Country in the World'

You know how it goes…you’re sitting alone, whether in a private of public setting, and the thought hits you just as you take a hit of your morning latte – man, life is really f**k’d up. 805 more words


Is the VFW relevant today?

I have seen the benefits of sitting down at my local Chief’s Club while I was on active duty and having a drink (does not have to be alcoholic) and conversation with one of my brothers and sisters in arms. 1,109 more words

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Fabricated Enemies on Our Soil

After the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, hysteria spread around the United States about Japanese people. It was believed that anyone of Japanese ancestry, whether they were first generation immigrants or had a single Japanese great-grandparent, was a potential spy or saboteur. 3,382 more words


Somebody's STALKING ME

I’m LITERALLY SHAKING.  Do you have any idea how creepy and sickening it is when some weird, unknown person on the internet is going around… 94 more words

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