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She Said Her Husband Hit Her. She Lost Custody of Their Kids

Kathryn Joyce | Longreads and The Marshall Project | July 2020 | 30 minutes (7,640 words)

This article was co-published with The Marshall Project, a nonprofit news organization covering the U.S.

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I Don't Know Why...

I don’t know why…
God didn’t stop the bullet that took the life of a seven-year-old girl in Chicago last weekend;
God allowed for miraculous births in the same weekend in multiple hospitals around the world. 357 more words

Today is Wednesday 8th July

It has dawned chilly and wet, so we’re going shopping!!
Our plan is that the grockles will stay in their holiday homes/caravans/B&Bs and not venture out until we are long gone. 153 more words


Freedom is a simple word but hard to accept its meaning

It seems today that Americans of all cultural, religious and political stripes struggle with the meaning of one word that defines our country. Freedom.

It seems simple enough. 552 more words

Arizona Voters' Guide is Out!


Ok, listen up Arizona brothers and sisters! Did you know it is our duty to vote? Our great nation was founded on Biblical principles and God desires to honor His Word. 536 more words

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Open Thread | This Isn't Rocket Science, But, It Is Science

Wear a Mask😠😠

It's amazing how much good one little mask can do! Check out how a normal, everyday mask keeps respiratory droplets from spreading outside your body, potentially sharing viruses.

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It's Time to Tune Out the News

Whenever I pick up my phone or turn on my computer, current event stories appear. Some messages stream across my screen with a red headline, breaking news. 406 more words