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What a Chemical Attack Looks Like

Last night 60 Minutes reported again on the chemical attacks of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on his own people.  This is not the first major network to report on the atrocities, nor is it even the first time 60 Minutes has aired a lengthy segment.  247 more words

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A New Citizen Leaves a Lost America

Born in England and granted United States citizenship after 9/11, New Yorker staff writer Rebecca Mead lived in New York for thirty years. With the country’s profound shift in values under Trump, from tolerance to open hostility towards immigrants and naturalized citizens, … 294 more words


A dictator without a parade is like a day without sunshine

A few days ago the Pentagon pissed on Dictator-Wannabe Delusional Donald Trump’s military parade. It was declared far too expensive — somewhere around $92 million. 308 more words

Review—The Rohingya Crisis: A People Facing Extinction by Muhammad Abdul Bari

A concise and informative history of the Rohingya, an evidence-based denunciation of Myanmar’s ethnic cleansing campaign, and an impassioned plea for recognition and human rights for the Rohingya.  572 more words

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Rise For Climate

It’s time for another climate march!
On September 8th, it’s the Rise for Climate march. Go HERE to find a march near you.

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