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under attack

As I perused a website that makes my corneas burn but I can’t make myself quit (I’ll give you one guess. It rhymes with SchmaceSchmook.) I rolled my eyes when I read  978 more words

Emotional Sobriety

Understanding the stakes

RepubliCare didn’t even make it to a vote last Friday.  By now this is old news.  Once the dust settles and every finger has been duly pointed (and there’s plenty of blame for everybody) we’ll need to figure out what to do for take #2.  575 more words

Current Events

Next Meeting: Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Beginnings of the Canadian Auto

Local history enthusiast and storyteller, John Beram, will discuss the early days of the auto industry in Canada, with special reference to the role of the Junction in the development of the industry. 35 more words

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ice detained migrant farmer activists: thousands responded.

Though those who live farther away from the muddy melting snow of Southern New England, may not have caught wind of the migrant rights struggle that has been playing out between farms and courthouses around the region, it’s worth everyone’s attention. 358 more words


Now with 30% more wit and sarcasm! ... but no quinoa

Rice Chex cereal has always been 100 percent rice, but now it boasts that it’s gluten-free. It never had gluten. But now that gluten is on the no-fly list, being gluten-free is a bragging point.

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Current Events

Interview: NJ-3 constituent on potential trouble at upcoming Republican townhall.

An interview on March 5th, 2017, with Dave Williams, member of Indivisible: NJ 3rd District and a MacArthur constituent, who is about to attend his first ever townhall (It’s my first as well). 136 more words


A fossil fuel job justifies X units of pollution

A lot of science is about trying to find the best questions. Because the best questions can lead us to better answers. So, in the spirit of better questions here goes. 157 more words