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Red-Bicycle part 2

I taught Vern in my online classroom again today.  Now in case you missed red-bicycle part 1, in our shapes section Vern has been calling the triangle “bicycle” and the rectangle “red-bicycle”.  181 more words



I have spent the past year and a half working for an online ESL company called VIPKID. One of our beginner level units focuses heavily on shapes and shape patterns. 408 more words


The Need, the Struggle, the Block!

A quote by D.W Winnicott is stuck in my mind right now. He stated, and I couldn’t agree more that “Artists are people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide.” But when I try to analyze my own self through this criteria, I keep feeling that I have this need, deep inside to communicate. 404 more words


remember me? 

i know it’s been a long ass time while. to be completely honest, I have been going through a bit of a funk that refuses to let up. 400 more words

Current Happenings

Diary Entry: Instinct

Dear Diary,

I was okay, a couple of minutes ago but now I have a really bad feeling inside. All of a sudden. And I don’t even know why. 63 more words


Maybe I Shouldn't (Wheaton Words 2017)

Maybe, I shouldn’t have become a philosophy major. Not because I’ll never be employed or because I’ll always be the punchline when I go visit my family on Thanksgiving. 496 more words

Current Happenings

What to Know About the Mexico City Policy

In just over two weeks, President Donald Trump has passed a total of nineteen executive orders, varying from immigration reform to an anti-refugee bill.  One of the first orders, passed a day after the anniversary of… 314 more words

Current Happenings