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Chaos, Change and the start of 2017

It’s the first of January, our thoughts are turning to tapping our sugarbush and the sugar house once again looks like a disaster zone.

The chaos is once again in the sugar house as we begin to improve our operations. 250 more words

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Bog the Hog on a Log

“Do you want to say hello to the dog?” I asked the bubbly, gap toothed, eight year old girl who was peering at me through my computer. 269 more words


Diary Entry: Reformation, I hope!

Dear diary,

Today I cut my own hair for the first time, which considering how much I love my hair, is a huge transition. And I kinda love the change I’ve been wanting for so long. 459 more words


Bathroom etiquette

One lovely weekday morning I woke up bright and early and signed into my teacher’s portal in order to begin my four hour stretch of classes. 785 more words


Teacher "number 4"

I had a new student in my online classroom. He is only five years old, and he is a beginner. I like to start my class with a greeting so I waved my hand and said slowly “Hello, my, name, is, teach-er Jenn-if-er,” I paused, then prompted my student by saying “Hello, teacher, Jenn-if-er,” and holding my hand up to my ear to indicate that I was waiting for my student’s reply. 15 more words


Famous Again!

Congratulations to the Abaco Rage and its crew! Not only is there an article about them in the Nov./Dec. 2016 Wooden Boat Magazine, but they are featured on the cover. 21 more words

Current Happenings

Benefits of Staying Updated about Current Affairs

From going to interviews, sitting for examinations, going for competitions; we find out how important being aware of the current happenings in our  society and in the world at large is. 591 more words