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Going Underground: 'All of our mainstream media is tied into these interests'

‘Nafeez Ahmed, former Guardian contributor and currently crowdfunding Insurge, a new media platform, talks to Going Underground host Afshin Rattansi about the paper. Alan Rusbridger is stepping down as editor and will be moving to the Scott Trust which owns the… 285 more words

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Abby Martin Breaks the Set One Last Time

‘On this final episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin, discusses the power of grassroots activism in getting the FCC to uphold net neutrality. Abby then speaks with Eugene Puryear, Organizer with the ANSWER Coalition, about effective activism as it relates to issues from combating police brutality to taking on prison reform. 60 more words

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American History Through Speech

‘The story of America’s major events through the words of its leaders–from the invention of the film camera, through the present. Through the speeches of Franklin Delano Roosevelt to Martin Luther King, Jr. 20 more words

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The Islamic State or ISIS or ISIL

‘Key points in the terror group’s rapid growth and the slowing of its advance as it faces international airstrikes and local resistance (15 Dec 2014)’. 405 more words

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Obama's State of the Union 2015

‘President Barack Obama delivers his sixth State of the Union address, at the United States Capitol, January 20, 2015′. And, Obama said succinctly “The shadow of crisis has passed, and the State of the Union is strong”. 408 more words

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The Stream: Unrest in China's Xinjiang region or China's Wild West

‘On The Stream: What’s at the heart of mounting tensions between the Chinese government and ethnic Uighurs? (19 Jan 2015′.

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A Poodle and his Master: Cameron in Washington

‘On January 16, 2015, President Obama delivered remarks after meeting with Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom’.

From Washington the Guardian Nicholas Watt adds that “Barack Obama and David Cameron struck different notes on surveillance powers after the president conceded that there is an important balance to be struck between monitoring terror suspects and protecting civil liberties. 159 more words

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