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Peace on Earth, Good Will to All

by  Diane Sheehan Shovak

Peace? Good will? Daily we are bombarded with reports of hatred, violence, war, terrorism. We as a country are hopelessly divided. Sometimes I think these are the most troubled and dangerous times in which I have ever lived. 401 more words

Jerusalem: The Basic Facts

The intrepid Pepe Escobar took to Facebook to explain the background concerning the city of Jerusalem in the wake of the Drumpf’s announcement regarding the city and its status in U.S. 235 more words

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The Judeo-Christian Tradition and the Drumpf: Merry Christmas, ISIS

In 2014 Adam Zagoria-Moffet, currently Rabbi at the St Albans Masorti Synagogue, suggested that the concept of a Judeo-Christian tradition was actually coined in the course of the 1940s by none other than General Eisenhower (189-1969). 1,698 more words

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Heineken's Europe: The Balkanization of a Continent

Back in 2009, Joshua Keating shared his musings about an “intriguing theoretical map of Europe designed by Dutch beer tycoon Freddy Heineken. A dedicated Europhile, Heineken believed that smaller nations within a larger European framework would be more manageable in the post-Cold War era. 902 more words

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The Tablet known as Plimpton 322

Maev Kennedy, a special writer for the Guardian, puts forward that “[m]athematicians have been arguing for most of a century about the interpretation of the tablet known as Plimpton 322, ever since the New York publisher George Plimpton bequeathed it to Columbia University in the 1930s as part of a major collection. 716 more words

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Whispers, Lies, and the Truth

“Never believe a thing simply because you want to believe it”~Tyrion Lannister

For my first post in a new series, …

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Ali al-Omar: Message on the Occasion of “Eid Al-Fitr Day 2017”

Ali al-Omar (a.k.a. Abu Ammar or Babi Ammar Taftanaz) is is the general commander of the Harakat Ahrar al-Sham al-Islamiyya (Movement of the Free Ones of the Levant, more commonly referred to as Ahrar al-Sham) . 130 more words

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