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Easter Island as a metaphor: resource depletion, climate change and the word of God

Sunday’s Zaman, Sunday, 12 December 2010.

On the other side of the world lies Easter Island, located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, at a distance of 3,747 kilometers west of Concepción, Chile. 1,361 more words

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China's South Asian Miscalculation

Another slightly longer piece about China lands this time in Current History, ‘the oldest US publication devoted exclusively to world affairs’. This looks at China’s growing push into South Asia, and India’s increasingly tense response to it. 560 more words


Islam in the New Turkey: What is Maududi-ism?!??

On International Women’s Day, the Prez gave another speech in Ankara . . . Tayyip Erdoğan used his words to reprimand the exploits of a certain Islamic preacher who has garnered a lot of public attention lately. 615 more words

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Drumpfian Attacks on U.S. Environmental Rules

33 rules have been overturned

  • Flood building standards
  • Proposed ban on a potentially harmful pesticide
  • Freeze on new coal leases on public lands
  • Methane reporting requirement…
  • 395 more words
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Deniz Baykal: The Man who Made the Prez?!??

The erstwhile leader of the main opposition Republican People’s Party (or CHP), Deniz Baykal, was taken to hospital over a blood clot in a major artery going to his brain early on 16 October 2017. 2,846 more words

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Peace on Earth, Good Will to All

by  Diane Sheehan Shovak

Peace? Good will? Daily we are bombarded with reports of hatred, violence, war, terrorism. We as a country are hopelessly divided. Sometimes I think these are the most troubled and dangerous times in which I have ever lived. 401 more words