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On Medium and Projects and Scroll Down!

So many projects and so little time….

I start classes again in less than a month and I have two (three really) projects I am working on. 191 more words

Current Ideas

Project Panda Update and New Instagram

Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash


Yes, there is a new Instagram Story and yes, I am excited about it. I am playing around with the word count and no longer sticking to 100 words. 196 more words

Current Ideas

Instagram Story (sort of) and Project

I decided I wanted to use my summer break wisely so that I wouldn’t hate myself once classes begin again for me. This means making real gains in my writing goals. 208 more words

Current Ideas

New Instagram and Poetry

I never realized I was such a poet until a few weeks ago. I’ll admit the only poet I truly like is Robert Frost, and I do love him so much, but I am learning to love it more. 107 more words

Current Ideas

New Story on Instagram and New Path Forward

So I have a new story on my Instagram! I haven’t written one since… beginning of this year I think. I really like it and I wasn’t planning on hitting any word count goal. 184 more words

Current Ideas


I just started one because everyone says a writer needs one in 2019. Maybe not in 2009, or 1856, but in the modern era a writer needs Twitter. 103 more words

Current Ideas