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Random Impulse

Hey guises, I did something random.

I made an Instagram where I will be posting 100-word stories and other writers’ stuff and maybe some history stuff as well. 53 more words

Current Ideas

No Hiatus

No, I have not taken another unplanned hiatus.

No, I have not gotten disillusioned or frustrated.

No, I have not gotten lazy or tired.

In two days, I went to and from Mississippi to drop off parents from their vacay here in Texas. 77 more words

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1st Person point-of-view Problems

I have been writing for 20 years.
Though I have been writing for so long, there is one thing, beside grammar, that I have a problem with and that is point of view. 374 more words

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Old projects, new projects, and something to read

So I’m working on putting together my first short story collection but I’m having some issues with the flow. What will go into it and what won’t? 226 more words

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Bad Weather

I think I am suppose to write a post today. I’m not sure. I have been really sleepy lately. The weather here has been the worst. 146 more words

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Break from Classes!

I have been taking a break since I am done with my classes for a month and two weeks. I put a lot of energy into classes and I worry a lot so it’s nice to just relax. 157 more words

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"DEAD END" Part One is Out


Hey guises, I’m not going to take long but I will say thank you to everyone who have been reading and following me. Thank you a lot! 89 more words

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