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(Day 6)

i put two fingers inside myself the way one does the dishes
efficiently, with short fingernails.
drinking the dishwater is part
of cleaning your plate


Darken Street At Night

Darken street at night beckons me to join
I slip out hidden under their dark cloak
No one can see me under the veil of night… 51 more words

Current Poetry

At Top Of Stairs

Open door, she prances at top of stairs
Her mouth open, she turns her head side to side
Tail wags back and forth
She goes down few stairs, then back up… 76 more words

Current Poetry

With Just Their Eyes

They make fun with just their eyes
No words do they speak
As they walk down the hallway.
Silence, to make one uncomfortable
No words, just the eyes taunt… 28 more words

Current Poetry

Gentle Music The Bird Sings

Gentle music the bird sings
While on branches he sways away;
A song so melodious is what he brings.

He sings joyous and flaps his wings… 101 more words

Current Poetry

Scripted Life

Why can’t life be scripted like movies
You know every line;
Every moment of what will come in following scene
You are given words from pages… 65 more words

Current Poetry

Blank Slate

Walls close in, I can’t breathe
Air sucked out of my mouth
All around my world comes collapsing in
Folding into itself like the black holes in outer space… 46 more words

Current Poetry