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Down The Road

What’s down the road distant in my dim eyes
Foliage curled and snake like a closed door
Guard an unknown entrance of uncertainty
In front I hear it beckons my name… 21 more words

Current Poetry

City I Recant You

I have not lived by dazzling lights in night
Twinkling starlight, not found on highways.
I have not lived among crowded walkways.
I don’t seek to be famous in limelight. 72 more words

Current Poetry


Silently staring ahead a dog like a lioness crouches
Moves slowly forward on silent paws towards game
Inch by inch closer they come to deer… 32 more words

Current Poetry

5 Star Haikus

Stars in night glitter
Brightly as they are nothing
But specks in the sky.

Evening night brings out
Tiny, bright shining stars to
Dot the empty sky. 43 more words

Current Poetry


Everything has to be just right.
No miss guided step towards end
No stopping until it meets you qualifications.

You work until yours hands are sore… 71 more words

Current Poetry

The Corner

Other kids don’t see the child sitting there
alone in the corner with arms wrapped so tightly
they may stick together like glue.
Child sits afraid to join in the so call fun… 100 more words

Current Poetry

The Raccoon Keeps Returning

The raccoon keeps returning
to rummage garage bins.
A truck comes takes garage away.

More always arrive shortly after:
tossing boxes and bags over
he looks for leftovers we discard. 55 more words

Current Poetry