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Little Fox

Little fox where do you go?
Beyond the darken forest
To a cold delicious brook
To sip the water for a drink
Or across rocks and thorns… 42 more words

Current Poetry

Haiku Rub Shoes

Those heeled ruby shoes
Clicking their heels against walk
Sparks flying around

Sudden stop outside
White sneakers greet with a squeak
You my date tonight? 28 more words

Current Poetry

No Fetch Today

I throw the ball, she will not get
Nor if I throw a big huge stick
She lays lazy on the ground;
As if to say no fetch today… 29 more words

Current Poetry

A Warm Day [Revision]

A warm day comes
With a hint of breeze
To which I stand
Beneath a waving tree;
To which I gaze
Beyond the horizon
I can see the world… 17 more words

Current Poetry

All That's Beautiful To A Blind Man

All that’s beautiful to a blind man
Is hearing the laughter of children
Jumping around at a nearby park;
Feeling the Sun’s rays giving warmth… 60 more words

Current Poetry

As fading--

light drains away like leeches
to darkness

which brings moon
in its pallor against
dark black drop of night

and now nocturnal music
awakens the night… 60 more words

Current Poetry

Old Room

Remembered just the same
Color of walls look still new
Day they got repainted
Along with carpet
Still soft under my toes

Bed I selected on still there… 66 more words

Current Poetry