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Notice Small Changes In Weather

Blackness creeps in slowly, for days get shorter
Wind picks up a rustle as cold comes creeping too
Seasons began to change day by day in August… 49 more words

Current Poetry

Enjoying Fresh Breezes

Windows down fresh breezes come through
Hear wind rustle as we drive on highway
I glance to backseat for a moment
Her snout raises in air… 44 more words

Current Poetry

Words To Write A Poem

I walk the road lost in thought
I search my surroundings high and low
I walk far and wide
To find the words and images to write a poem… 15 more words

Current Poetry

Pleading Parched Land Thirsts For Water

Parched land thirsts for water
As hot sun beats down mercifully
Sending hot waves of air
to suck up moisture from the land.

Land begs the sun to turn down heat… 70 more words

Current Poetry

Rainstorm Music

Rain patters on windows
Wind blows through branches
Leaves brush against windows
Rhythm and beats merge into song
Rainstorm makes music on windows
Now waiting for crickets to join the sound

Current Poetry

Taking Photos Of Fireworks

Color sparks light up dark skies
People stand in awe
One pop then another
Some two at a time or more
Click of a button… 31 more words

Current Poetry

5 Haikus Of Savannah

Hanging moss trees dot
Historic town old beyond
Years what they have seen

City arise from
Ash from the Civil War to
Become tourist place… 36 more words

Current Poetry