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2 More Landay Poems

Light in darkness comes forth as glimmer
To bring new life into desperate time in the world

Broken, discarded objects lie in pile
Forgotten in the fighting chaos surrounding them

Current Poetry

Avid Bookworm Reader

Watch out for avid bookworm reader when they cross street. They won’t be watching where they go. They will either have stack of books or maybe reading a book too close to their face. 116 more words

Current Poetry

Double Elevenie: Dog Petting

Is lounging
Living room floor
contently chilling on side

Kneeling down
Living room floor
Hand petting the dog

Current Poetry

My Dog Is A Child

My dog is a child
she clings to me
when she see strangers.

She runs behinds me
peers around shy
not sure what to make of them. 20 more words

Current Poetry

The Human Wave

They stand about waiting
Door are about to open
They spring into action
Pressing each other forward
Human wave descends upon doors
Surging into stadium… 12 more words

Current Poetry

Double Elevenie: Dog Eating Grass

Walking slowly
Outside she stops
Sniff green tall grass

Standing still
Stuck in ground
Dog rips, chew piece

Current Poetry

School Year End

Students anxiously wait the final bell
They will race home when it sounds
For summer break will arrive
Another school year has closed it year… 55 more words

Current Poetry