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Only Small Dusting

They said we’d get snow last night
Only a small dusting this morning was seen
Weather app said light snow
It should of said a dusting of snow instead… 33 more words

Current Poetry

Pool Of Water

I look into the pool of water
It ripples as if one touch it
I peer in thinking an image will appear
Something to show me of my future… 45 more words

Current Poetry

5 Photo Dog Haikus

Here are more haikus from what a dog would write.

I see camera
I walk towards you and turn,
Sit down, show my back

Talk to the tail please… 48 more words

Current Poetry

A Poet's Soul

A poet’s soul burns for words to bubble up
Overflow onto a blank page
Unwind each line from a rolled ball of yarn
Which has been tucked away for later use… 43 more words

Current Poetry

Single Closed Flower Bub

One day I saw a single white closed flower bub.
Surrouned by gnarly empty branches.
So alone it was in singular beauty.
It made me stop and wonder; 39 more words

Current Poetry

Waiting By Phone

I wait by phone
Even though I won’t receive a call
No one is around to dial
They are out busily going through their life… 41 more words

Current Poetry

Holiday Buying Season

Holiday buying season has opened.
People wait early in morning;
Waiting to get their presents
Before anyone lays a finger
On their gift for someone in the family. 78 more words

Current Poetry