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Words Float Haiku

Words float on air waves

Which ones hold kernal of truth

Among many lies

Current Poetry

What Is A Toy

What is a toy?
Why do I have ton of them laying discarded on the floor?
I never had a toy before
How do I play with one… 67 more words

Current Poetry

Barely A Walk

Hot, humid day
Dog stops on walk
Refuse to move
She pants
Her tongue hangs out
It’s been only five minutes
She turns around
Well we’re going back inside

Current Poetry

Day At Beach

I walk down to beach
Sand is hot on paws
We pick a spot
Drop bag on sand
Towel comes out
I get my life jacket on… 71 more words

Current Poetry

Snack Time Haiku Sonnet

I look at owner
Is it close to snack time yet
You say five minutes

Can’t wait anymore
Really want my snack now
You say three minutes… 39 more words

Current Poetry

I See Cat

I see cat
I try to bark
Nothing comes
I huff to form my bark
I try again
I walk closer
I huff growl
I finally let out bark… 27 more words

Current Poetry

Wandering Mind

My mind is wandering on a road trip
Somewhere I don’t know; far away
Lost perhaps on stretch of desert sands
Or unknown dirt trail under canopy of trees… 24 more words

Current Poetry