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Circus Is Closing Its Door

Circus will close its doors next month
I will miss going very much
Will not be able to take my nephews
To have them experience… 276 more words

Current Poetry

Salty Water In My Mouth

In waves I use to swim and play
saltwater sprayed around;
it’s bitter, salty taste
Would sting inside of my mouth
as waves crash around me. 79 more words

Current Poetry

5 Dog Haikus Even More

Here are more haikus from what a dog would write.

Oh, I wish you could
understand what I say now
But you look confuse

Why can’t I have your… 56 more words

Current Poetry

Buried Under These Bones

What find unearth from bottom of these bones
Wrapped in cloth preserved for all time?
Rectangle shaped and not too heavy
Unwrap now to look upon… 72 more words

Current Poetry

Our Life Intertwine

The thread of our life intertwine as one
When we meet in winter when we were young
Kindred spirits we were forever
On that night so long ago… 129 more words

Current Poetry

Inside Brown Little Case

Small brown little case
Contains one of many favorite toys
I would play with long ago
Some where small
some where large
I manage to pack all… 93 more words

Current Poetry

Hunting Song of the Wolf

The alpha wolf howls a note
“Come gather my pack, for tonight we hunt”
They gather around their leader
Even pups come out to join… 142 more words

Current Poetry