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More 5 Haikus From Dog

More dog Haiku from what I think my dog might write if she could.

Must paw my blanket
Make comfortable before
I lay down on it… 56 more words

Current Poetry

Begging Mother Nature

These days are filled with humid temps
Air hot ready to bake anyone who comes
Outside to turn them an overdone cookie
From the raging sun beaming down… 44 more words

Current Poetry

Sonnenizio On A Line From Keats

Four seasons fill the measure of the year
They refill for when their turn comes
No season should be put on the landfill
For they are needed to fill the each year… 67 more words

Current Poetry

Patch Of Brown Leaves

Among the tree full of green leaves
A patch of brown leaves I see
Standing out lonely from others.
Why are you not green like the rest? 74 more words

Current Poetry

A Dog's St. Patrick Day

March seventeenth rolls around
Clover banana hangs around my neck
I show my green when I make my round
Walking the street where I live… 106 more words

Current Poetry

the cost

still unfinished/unpolished: 

the cost of dead black boys is going down.
They used to cost
jailtime- the years taken –
an indictment – a badge is not the excuse – 115 more words


Silver Fox

A little fox with fur of silver
Rare beyond the forest floor
Was traveling down in snowy winter
Until he found the barn door;
Open it was for him to figure… 88 more words

Current Poetry