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At Video Store

I am in a video store with younger sister
Trying to pick out a movie for weekend
I am not quite twelve yet in spring of 1994… 124 more words

Current Poetry

Dog Can't Sleep

Dog can’t sleep tonight
Wind is loudly howling through the trees.

Dog can’t sleep tonight
Rain beats windows mercilessly
As branches scratch to come inside. 29 more words

Current Poetry

The Poet

On an island he wanders with thoughts tucked under his arm
Nothing but the wide waving grassy sandy beaches
To hear is elegy of words as he writes upon parachment paper. 74 more words

Current Poetry

City Becomes Awake

Skies are dark in early morning
City along winding river sleeps
Only little noise, not enough to wake
Rush of red taillights steak through
Awakes the sleeping giant… 39 more words

Current Poetry

Gloomy Clouds

Clouds with dark grayish swirl of white
Drift in like an unwelcome guest
Ready to unload all its grief on you
Which comes down as raining tears as they… 35 more words

Current Poetry

5 Outside Dog Haikus

Even more dog Haiku from what I think my dog might write if she could.

Big leaf pile I see
Jump in to bury myself… 66 more words

Current Poetry

Late Fall This Year

Leaves are changing late this year
Weather hasn’t turn too cold yet
Now with October, winds have changed
Fall has finally arrive a little late… 45 more words

Current Poetry