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5 Flower Haikus

Buds open from sun
Radiating to dazzling
colorful flowers.

Flower opens with their
Petals dipped in bright color
Welcoming the day.

Roses like satin
Feel like silk between fingers… 24 more words

Current Poetry

Taking Photos Is Poetry

Each time you wander outside into nature’s backyard
Bringing your camera and gear;
trudging along until you see it.
Hits you in the face,
You bring the camera up… 36 more words

Current Poetry

Forgetting You

The teal golf shirt rustles
on a hanger inside the closet, stretched out.
I thought about wearing it,
matching it with a pair of jeans, 25 more words

Current Poetry


Fear, lock me in your grip;
reaches me with cold hands
Twisting my heart
Like ringing cold, wet cloth;
Tearing my soul;
Hiding underneath a dark veil… 11 more words

Current Poetry

Ode to Colors

Sprinkles. Jelly beans. Skittles.
Bouquet of flowers. Bag of gemstones.
Eating candy hearts on Valentine’s Day.
Box of crayons. Paint chips. Walls marked up from drawing. 83 more words

Current Poetry

A Dog Who Wants To Relax Outside

She stops in her tracks
Leash goes taunt
I turn to look back.

She sits down
Looks all around
I look at her with a frown. 67 more words

Current Poetry

And These Are My Dreams:

To be on a work schedule of my choosing
With an engaging, fun career making enough money
For a comfortable lifestyle;
Living in a ranch-style house… 98 more words

Current Poetry