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14 Year Old Girls and Paris???

My oldest daughter had a visit from two of her friends from Canada and it was a great experience.  The girls loved Amsterdam, cheese, stroopwaffles and the Vondelpark.   175 more words

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Scandigreek Tour

The kids recently had a long school break of two weeks and we do not seem to be the sort of family to sit idly by while the opportunity evaporates.   228 more words

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A Little Bit About Portland, ME (And, Introducing: 'The Smoking Chair')

I was driving home from a massage on Monday morning, feeling totally blissed out and happy and idealistic. The sun was shining brightly and it was one of those first truly warm days in early summer; there wasn’t any chill when the wind picked up, and the air was hot and dry. 666 more words

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Hello my lovelies. I hope you’ve all had a super day. Mine worked out a little different to what I planned but it was still a good one. 480 more words

Lucie The Happy Quilter

Day 2

Next up! – Paint the floor!

Today is Wednesday, and officially Day 2 of my first week (Monday was Memorial Day, and therefore doesn’t count, although we spent the whole day working on my studio anyways…). 427 more words

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K. Willa Designs, Day I

Today’s task is: scraping and cleaning the basement floor!

The previous tenant of our house made this a particularly unpleasant task, due to the extremely foul environment created by their cats. 223 more words

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Currently in flight...

Title: Pluck
Type: Short Story / Fantasy
Synopsis: Joel can logically analyze anything, except his own true impact on others. Will help from an usual source be enough to save him? 99 more words

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