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The Last 24™ Barack & Michelle Edition.

This is what The President & First Lady were up to yesterday……….

While Barack was busy Touring The Everglades on Earth Day to inform the dumbass… 1,445 more words


Monterey Bay and marine biology

I have spent a lot of time recently thinking about how I want to make a difference to the environment.  Little things that we do everyday are certainly a part of it.   270 more words


Making sense of senseless sea level scares in Norfolk Virginia - 60% of the rise is from subsidence, the remainder from landfill settling

One of the problems with so called “science writers” in the mainstream media today is that few of them have the wherewithal and training to do some basic sanity checking. 1,680 more words

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John Englander's blog

The newest blog post from John Englander:

Alternate Energy Cheap Compared to Relocating Coastal Cities

I live in Boston.  I love having the ocean so close to me, but it won’t be good if it gets too much closer.


Monster High Tides To Hit Bay Area, Flood Low-Lying Coastal Areas

SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA (CBS SF) — The sun and moon’s gravity align Monday to create the highest tides of the year, known as King Tides, potentially flooding low-lying roadways, and leading to unusual sights around docks, piers, and beaches in the San Francisco Bay Area. 312 more words


Modular natural dam design protects communities from rising sea levels (VIDEO)

Rising sea levels due to climate change are a major concern to coastal and riverine communities worldwide. Efforts to shore up sand dunes and re-plant degraded mangrove forests have been found to reduce the damage done by natural disasters like tsunamis and floods. 269 more words


The Status of Climate Change as We Exit 2013

Here’s an article that summarizes the current position in which humankind finds itself with respect to climate change.  Spoiler Alert: It leaves the reader concerned that our civilization’s unchecked consumption of fossil fuels is causing a rise in the overall temperature of our oceans and skies, with a host of accompanying phenomena: rising sea levels, violent storms, droughts, floods, wildfires, desertification, etc.  225 more words

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