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"What happened to that?"

I miss when gay guys sat talking about Sondheim. What happened to that? Met my BFF when I heard “Pacific Overtures” coming from his window.

— Daniel Mendelsohn (@DMendelsohn1960) July 24, 2016


New Dole Plan Cuts off Single Mothers, MP Durastic Plans 

New plans have confirmed that Millions of single mothers will be cut off public benifits next month. Prime Minister Malcom Turnbell said earlier this afternoon in a public accouncment meeting “Too many Australian females depend on public benifits to obtain a living instead of being a succesful and active part of Australias Society“. 26 more words


Chasing Summer

Summer is in full bloom. I’m going to admit, summer is not my favorite season. Here in Southern California, the heat is intolderable. Anything about 80 degrees makes me want to lie on my bed under a full blast air conditioner. 261 more words


Youngsters today, Hmm?

Our parents,

  • Sold goods at the market
  •  Walked to school
  •  Cooked for themselves
  •  Had REAL friends
  •  Played in the afternoon
  •  Couldn’t afford televisions.


What in the world is going on?? I mean, on top of the constant bad worldy news – draughts, terrorist attacks, corruption, impending economy collapse, impeding war?… It seems that people’s personal lives are in chaos too. 772 more words


Rates Could Be Lower, Lower For Longer, Longer

The current real estate supply in the U.S. is not keeping up with demand. The combination of the 2008 credit crisis and the subsequent liquidity crunch subdued global economic growth, and stringent banking regulations have sharply curtailed and inhibited new real estate development.

Phonte & Eric Roberson - Thru The Night

Ex Little Brother and North Carolina emcee, Phonte teams up with soul singer, Erro to bring their groovy LP, Tigallero.

Cop the album on… 49 more words