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Win some, you lose some...

It’s been two and half months since we first landed here Russia. My stress level has grown to a point I don’t think I’ve ever experienced before. 452 more words


Sign the American Jewish Congress’ Petition! Tell the European Union that more action MUST be taken against Antisemitism!

This past year has seen a surge in anti-Semitism unknown for decades. Attacks against Jews have steadily increased, from the murders at a Toulouse Jewish school, the Brussels Jewish Museum, the horrors of Paris’ Hyper Casher, to the recent killing of a Jewish security guard in Copenhagen. 112 more words

Kick It Out! Report Anti-Semitic incidents on or around the football pitch!

Anti-Semitism and general racism have surfaced as a major issue in the world of football. Only recently the owner of Wigam (Dave Whelan) was formally accused of using anti-Semitic slurs, supporters of West Ham United were caught singing an anti-Semitic song on a train, and Chelsea fans were filmed spouting racist abuse. 93 more words

New UNB Act? Key Points

Today members were sent two documents: the letter sent to UNB BoG Chair Kathryn McCain on February 26, and a three-page “key points” document which summarizes major concerns with the Board Committee’s plan to rewrite the act and provides a synopsis of key points in the AUNBT draft alternate proposal ( 88 more words


Should Abortion Be Legal? - Poll

We are starting this blog discussion off with a bang… A huge topic of discussion. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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