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Dating and Commitment Issues Today

Have you ever wondered why dating in this day and age is so hard? Probably because most millennial’s today have major commitment issues. Almost half of the people I come into contact these days have some sort of issue when it comes to dating. 525 more words


Switches and Relays

Toggle Switch

To start off we will begin with the toggle switch. The toggle switch is used to make electricity choose between two different paths. Beyond that, there are a few types of toggle switches. 252 more words


The history of cricket

Cricket, along with baseball, golf and hockey, is one of the numerous sports in what is known as the ‘club ball’ sphere. This basically involves hitting a ball with a ‘club’ held in a player’s hand. 625 more words


Practical Influences ~ Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius can bring a detached and impersonal air where you feel free to love and be flirtatious in an open manner. A special, unconventional, and rebellious time you’ll be drawn to what excites and unsettles you as you strive to read, study, talk, and really get to know your relationships. 239 more words


Are Singapore Stocks Cheap or Expensive Right Now?

(Source: www.fool.sg)

Knowing how cheap the stock market currently is can help us to simplify our investing decision. There are two methods to find out if Singapore stocks are a steal or are in an overheated territory right now. 775 more words

Money Matters

My Afro Beat Playlist

So I said I’d give you my afro beat playlist because I love it so much. If you’re a big afro beat fan or like African music in general you’ll love these songs some old, some classics and some new yassss. 153 more words