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I get a lot of hate for listening to YouTube musicians and covers, but I’m a firm believer in advocating for the arts and supporting people who are pursuing what they love. 249 more words

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I love sharing just about anything: my home, funny/stupid YouTube videos, memes, interesting articles, book and movie recommendations, food (okay I’m kind of reluctant to share food depending on what it is), and especially MUSIC. 253 more words

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  • Myst III: Exile OST
  • BrunuhVille feat. Sharm “Our Hero”

I am having an ‘atmospheric’ week in music. I credit Jack Wall’s – and his predecessor on the series, Robyn Miller’s (and FX-creator Chris Brandkamp’s) – creations with getting me into this genre; I bought the Myst series for the visuals and the puzzles and remembered it long afterwards for its stunning sonic evocations.

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Currently Listening To

Sidecar From Robyn Dell'Unto

I think I falling in love with Robyn Dell’unto’s music. After she impressed me with Common, I’m so curious to find more music from her. 171 more words


Undertow From Panama

Shout out to my best friend and also my partner in this music blog, Rizkana, who already introduced me to this awesome band called Panama. One day, she asked me to hear this song and honestly, it took three times play for me until I finally admit that she is true and Panama definitely has a really good music. 120 more words


Common From Robyn Dell'Unto

For all of you who watch Wynonna Earp series, I guarantee you already knew and maybe falling in love with this song too. Yes! Yes! I’m talking about… 220 more words


(New) Weekly Update: Current Interests

This is a new feature that I’m going host on my blog weekly. I thought it would be nice to keep you guys updated on the things that I’m interested in that week! 557 more words