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A Man-repelling Kennedy Fanatic

So, I’ve been taking a break from podcasting to listen to some audio book versions of actual books on my shelves. While I love an actual hard-back book with actual pages to flip, I haven’t quite figured the safest way to read and drive to Baton Rouge on Mondays. 318 more words

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Happy Little Spring

Pond at Afton Villa

Azaleas at Afton Villa

Canopied Drive at Afton Villa

Yesterday on my trip to Baton Rouge, there wasn’t much of a view during the drive down. 291 more words

About Me

Sprigs of Spring

I think we have all been a little skittish to say that Spring is finally here; but after several days of warmth, humidity, and a little pollen on top, I think it’s safe to say it’s here. 419 more words

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Listening versus Reading

I’ve always been an avid reader and someone who religiously buys books versus online options, such as ebooks and so forth. However, when you find yourself in a car for about five hours every week, you have to give in and  509 more words

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Podcasts. Podcasts. Podcasts.

First, a tree update. It didn’t make it. Two days after posting my last blog about how well it was doing and how I was going to help it grow, I walked into the living room to find it leaning drastically towards the floor. 181 more words

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Christina Grimmie:

 “Dark Horse” cover, live
 “Stay with Me” with Diamond Eyes
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I'm sorry, I'm trying

I’m sorry that I can’t get out of bed
I’m sorry that my heads always a mess
I’m sorry that I missed your call
For the third time in a row… 202 more words