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#Adulting: 10 Tips To Make Falling Asleep Easier

There’s a reason there’s a super calming sunset as the cover image for this post. Even though I’m *apparently* an adult now, I definitely don’t always do the things I know real adults do. 1,347 more words


Currently Working On: Learning to Accept Compliments!

Like most of you probably reading this post, I’ve never felt confident accepting a compliment. I don’t just mean compliments on my hair or my outfit; sadly, I also mean compliments on things like my work ethic or performance on a task. 555 more words


Latest Commission: Happy Harley

I love Harley Quinn from Batman, I’ve cosplayed her myself so many times and in multiple different outfits but nothing beats the classic jester suit to me and so being commissioned to make another Harley happy? 1,039 more words

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