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Can you contribute to research to be presented at an international conference?

Torben and  David are presenting a paper at PATT 36. The title is Teaching young people to respond to a contextual challenge through designing and making – a discussion of possible approaches… 149 more words


The case for electric cars

This blog post started when I signed a Greenpeace petition aimed at Volkswagen to stop producing diesel cars https://secure.greenpeace.org.uk/page/s/volkswagen-ditch-diesel-now

I posted the following on Facebook: … 1,509 more words


Interpretting and Creating Data Statements from Graphs

Wow!  It has been a long time since I have posted here.  I miss writing about what I am learning and how I am growing. 300 more words

Best Practices

‘There be dragons’: redrawing the curriculum map in Wales

Here is the text of my post on the Welsh curriculum, originally posted at https://curriculumforwales.gov.wales/

The 2015 publication of Successful Futures marked a watershed moment in the history of education in Wales. 740 more words

Curriculum Development

Non-Examined Assessment; should we be worried?

I imagine most readers know at least the outline of the recent changes to the place of non-examined assessment (NEA) in Computer Science (CS). In short, Ofqual gave notice to schools in November 2017 that they were initiating a consultation on the place of NEA in CS following reports that ‘answers’ to the NEA were widely available on the web. 2,292 more words


Back to Not Teaching English

I taught ELL all last year, which isn’t really teaching English, which we don’t really know how to do, as it is drenching the students with as much language exposure as you can and hoping they’ll pick it up with their peers. 1,412 more words


Data Moves: the cards metaphor

In the Data Science Games project, we started talking, early, about what we called data moves. We weren’t quite sure what they were exactly, but we recognized some when we did them. 1,912 more words