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9 principles of Universal Design assist in designing more effective instruction for students with learning disabilities

by Amanda Kastrinos
Master’s student, University of Florida

The goal of any successful instructor is to teach the course in a way all students will understand. 1,124 more words

Mass Communication Teaching (MMC 6930)

EdTech: How Technology Should Enhance the Curriculum

As a first year teacher, I was so excited to plan my first unit with one of my teammates. We worked at a small school that only had one team per grade level, so our ideal hopes of getting as close to 1:1 attention with our students seemed possible. 399 more words

Curriculum Development

Commons enquiry in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee are holding an enquiry into Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. David and Torben submitted written evidence which says, in a nut shell, ‘teach young people about them at school through D&T lessons that encourage them to consider the consequences of deploying technologies’. 42 more words

Curriculum Development

More research is needed to back up learning styles theories

by Cindy Spence
Master’s student, University of Florida

Intuitively, learning styles theory makes sense. Many of us have an orientation toward a certain kind of stimulus: visual, aural, kinesthetic. 1,270 more words

Mass Communication Teaching (MMC 6930)


Understanding student misconceptions is an essential part of effective science instruction. Students may use misconceptions as the foundation on which to build new knowledge, and when new information conflicts with tenaciously-held misconceptions, it may not “stick.” Identifying the misconceptions students hold about a topic must be done as a part of the curriculum development process, so that strategies to address these are integral to the unit’s themes, objectives, and activities. 48 more words


Culturally responsive teaching – A perspective for improving student learning

by Kendra Auguste
Ph.D.  student, University of Florida

Culturally diverse students face additional challenges associated with adjusting to an unfamiliar or predominately white culture. As a result, educational attainment at the collegiate level remains an issue for minority students. 556 more words

Mass Communication Teaching (MMC 6930)