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Three cheers for Amanda Spielman!

It was with a heavy heart that I read the opening paragraph of the Summer 2017 Editorial of Designing

As design and technology specialists we all know that good quality design, engineering and technology education is an essential part of any government’s economic programme. 926 more words


follow-up from yesterday's meeting

Hello, All:

At yesterdays HIV Mental Health Task Force meeting we decided that we would use the last 1/2 hour of the meeting every month to work on building up a small, existing SAMHSA LGBT curriculum into a very substantial “skin” which could be applied to any existing treatment intervention, making the intervention specific to each of the following populations (terminology to be a major part of the curriculum development, but for purposes of explanation) lesbian, gay, non-gay MSM, bisexual men, bisexual women, trans* men, trans* women. 163 more words


Reality Pedagogy

Teaching is about more than just having a bunch of information to disseminate to the empty vessels- students- in front of you.
The concept behind reality pedagogy is that before teachers can teach anything, they must understand the realities of their students. 667 more words

Active Learning

Planning For Play: Lesson Plans in a Child Led Preschool

I shared last week that the school where I work fully believes in the concept of play-based, child-led education. To the extent that we teachers are required to document what we do at the end of each day, rather than turn in lesson plans before hand. 981 more words


Building a Job Description From Scratch: The Humor of Missionary Life

International Teams Coordinator à Director

Explaining Louis’ job as International Teams Coordinator is a big task, so this post is longer than our usual posts. In fact, after three years of expanding and deepening this job, it was recently decided in a meeting that Louis does the equivalent of 4 jobs and must be promoted in order to have a staff member in charge of each job with Louis over and working with all 4 of them. 2,132 more words


Launching New Business

Launching Research and Education Consultancy

Welcome to DCW Consultancy.  We offer a personalised service led by Dr Danielle White in collaboration with research, education and marketing professionals. 97 more words

Academic Coaching

Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Entrepreneurship is often associated with people who assume the risk of starting a business venture for financial gain. However, entrepreneurs exist in many forms: they may be writers, carpenters, computer programmers, school principals or fundraisers, to name just a few examples. 392 more words

Empowered Learning