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A note from Henderson Engineers

“Lawrence Tech is doing an outstanding job at preparing its graduates for careers in the design of building operating systems. Their commitment to an accredited 5-year Master of Science in Architectural Engineering gives their graduates significant advantages over graduates of other 4-year programs where curriculum content has been cut significantly. 46 more words


Getting staff to lead by @Mroberts90Matt

Recently I read a tweet from someone (I wish I had taken a snapshot or retweeted or something but I didn’t) which posed the question: “As a leader, should you encourage your best teachers to lead more or keep them performing at their absolute best for the school you are in?” I have paraphrased the question but the meaning behind it matches what they asked. 671 more words


Elizabeth Hovde: Meet the gender unicorn, parents

Have you met the “gender unicorn?” Your children might have already. Parents should be introduced to the gender unicorn, too, ya know, because some of us are trying to raise the children we had, help them understand our world and offer help navigating it. 10 more words

The Oregonian

Parallel Lines & Transversals

Learning Goal: Allow students to explore, reasoning, and build connections with angles formed by parallel lines cut by transversals.



Seats Available for Fall 2017 Therapeutic Massage

We are currently looking for qualified students to join the Fall 2017 class. Our program instructors coordinate with local employers to help you find a job immediately after graduating. 328 more words

Marty's Musings

EDS111_3t2016_eJournal3_The Different Knowledge Base

The different knowledge bases

I did not know that teaching is this complicated. Imagine the knowledge bases one is to master in order to be a competent teacher. 506 more words

Reflections, Insights, And Realizations

One More Way to Help You Understand What We Do!

Please check out the newest video on our YouTube channel to help explain Competency Based Education at LSS.