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Individuals like Stalin and Hitler committed grave crimes against humanity. Were these individuals great leaders?

Avolio (2002) addresses these individuals as “pseudo” forms of transformational leadership. Values are what distinguish genuine leaders from these pseudo-leaders. Avolio’s research indicates that, “Genuine transformational leadership is ‘socialized’ and transcends self-interest for utilitarian or moral reasons. 153 more words

What is the best leadership approach for gaining committed followers?

Jaussi’s (2004) research indicates that, “A leader with transformational leadership style can intellectually stimulate followers”, both conventionally and unconventionally (para. 10). Conventional stimulation refers to an action the follower has performed repeatedly, while an unconventional approach is unexpected and novel (Jaussi, 2004).  150 more words

Key Questions Around Assessment Review

Involving students and teachers in an active assessment process where they can take information, interpret it, and move forward is the key to finding success in the classroom. 580 more words

Professional Standard: Professional Learning 2018

Alberta government meets with agriculture sector about school curriculum

The province continues its work to redesign the kindergarten to Grade 12 curriculum.

On Saturday, the education and agriculture ministers sat down with representatives from Alberta’s agriculture and forestry sector to gather feedback. 159 more words


Consumers to Creators

We’ve all been to school.  Look at me — I’ve never left.  So, we all think we’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s supposed to happen there. 504 more words

Form 1 Science (Photosynthesis)

This experiments done to prove that water, carbon dioxide, sun and chlorophyll are needed for photosynthesis

Class: 1 Aman