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Your Career and You: “Summer Daze”

It’s the middle of July, and so far I’ve “only” read three books and chilled on a six-week-long vacation in my “second home” of Taipei, Taiwan… 351 more words

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Your Career and You: “PR…Making Friends”

One of my rising stars in the Communication Department‘s Public Relations Concentration at Curry College posed a very interesting question recently: “How do you explain public relations to a first-grader?” 377 more words

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Your Career and You: “Because It Has To Be Done”

I was sitting in a meeting recently…a week after classes had ended at Curry College and three days after final grades had been posted…apparently because someone decided we “needed” to have a meeting. 510 more words

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Your Career and You: “Where Will I Go? What Will I Do?”

We’re slipping “gently” into the final weeks of spring semester at Curry College, where I head up our Public Relations Concentration and teach most of the PR courses. 528 more words


Your Career and You: “Overload… ‘Hitting the Wall’”

This week, I finally did it, I’m pretty sure. One too many things on my plate, and I feel like I’m spinning in circles.

> The… 428 more words

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Your Career and You: “It’s about ‘Time’”

We recently observed “Communication Week” at Curry College, and we held a series of activities focusing on the many aspects of our department’s activities. 480 more words

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Woodpecker was here

When I pulled into the faculty parking lot at Curry College this morning, I wasn’t surprised to see a male hairy woodpecker clinging to a nearby tree, as last week I’d seen the holes he’d hammered. 156 more words