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Your Career and You: “Teaching and Learning”

I’ve been doing this teaching thing for more than 10 years now…not counting a couple of years waaay back when I was in the Air Force and… 486 more words

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Your Career and You: “The Old Way Doesn’t Work? Try A New Way!”

One of the fringe benefits of being a “veteran” public relations professional now teaching the next generation(s) of PR practitioners at Curry College is that of providing advice, counsel, and general “talk ‘em off the ledge” reassurance to young…and sometimes not-so-young…students. 469 more words

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Your Career and You: Type O: Good :-) ... Typo: Bad :-(

I have no doubt that my Communication students at Curry College…especially those who have put up with me in the Public Relations Concentration that I oversee…are going to moan, “Oh, … 585 more words

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Police Investigating Reported Sexual Assault At Curry College

MILTON (CBS) — Police are investigating a reported sexual assault on Curry College campus.

A female student reported to the college last Wednesday that she had been assaulted by a male student on December 4. 127 more words


Your Career and You: “Think Out of the Box!”

Sometimes I’m thrown for a loop by questions I’m asked by my students at Curry College, where I ride herd over the Communication Department… 525 more words

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