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Inflating one's estimates... the curse of knowledge... deflated...

After reading my learned friend and colleague Kel’s blog in relation to her experience of the impact of ICT in her educational journey, not only did I have a sense of insight into her personal experience and response, I also felt a great appreciation of her willingness to share her vulnerability in this area. 269 more words


Avoid the Curse of Knowledge to Enable Learning

I’ve always wanted to learn to play chess.

I’m not sure why. I am not an avid game player. Playing games with other people (as a child and into adulthood) always made me nervous. 624 more words


On Making Science Interesting, The "Curse of Knowledge" and The Myth of "Dumbing Down" (A Letter to My Co-Fellows)

Dear Co-Fellows:

I believe that we are all like 13 year olds learning a new and difficult topic, especially in a challenging field as rheumatology. And sometimes, we have been told not to be “too basic” or “too elementary” in our explanations; that we should use the scientific language to speak and explain… 414 more words


Cursed Knowledge Be Damned!

Here’s a great essay that attempts to identify “The Source of Bad Writing,” by Steven Pinker, who makes the case that bad writing is often caused by the “curse of knowledge.” This curse afflicts writers who assume, consciously or not, that their readers understand as much about their topic as they do. 181 more words

The Curse of Knowledge

“Don’t let what you know get in the way of what you don’t.” – Lee Brooks (me!)

Knowledge is definitely a good thing, but it can sometimes lead us astray.

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