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Statistics you should have been taught in high school, but probably weren't

Oct 15, JDN 2458042

Today I’m trying something a little different. This post will assume a lot less background knowledge than most of the others. For some of my readers, this post will probably seem too basic, obvious, even boring. 2,157 more words

Core Principles

Three Tips You Can Use Today to Break the "Curse of Knowledge"

Have you been the new kid on the block, so to speak?

If so, you can probably relate to the dilemma we faced when we moved from Kansas to Central New Jersey four years ago. 1,395 more words


The Curse of Knowledge

The curse of knowledge is a common cognitive bias that leads us to believe that the people we typically interact with know just as much as we do.  814 more words


Drat, Blast, @%#$%! The Curse of Knowledge

Why can’t we just edit and proofread our own writing? We know best what we want to say, right?

Actually, that’s part of the problem. We have information that others don’t have. 252 more words

Curse Of Knowledge