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The Teacher Curse No One Wants to Talk About

I (Clare) read this really interesting article on Edutopia

I believe it has relevance for both teachers and teacher educators. Having to unpack and remember how we learned a topic/skill is hard. 1,145 more words


Critical reflection follow-up post 3

Internalising Inadequacy

Thanks for sharing your experience of feeling like an imposter. From your description, I can see clearly why you feel so. Your situation opens up many avenues for critical reflection, not least one that investigates the meaning of a doctorate. 743 more words


Edev_502 response wk2_2

Thanks for your insightful comments and thought-provoking question. This is what I truly love about this course; the development of one student’s ideas by another. I hadn’t come across a number of concepts you have brought to the table. 438 more words


curse of knowledge

An idea I read about from the book Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath. So what’s the story behind the term ‘curse of knowledge’. 181 more words


Inflating one's estimates... the curse of knowledge... deflated...

After reading my learned friend and colleague Kel’s blog in relation to her experience of the impact of ICT in her educational journey, not only did I have a sense of insight into her personal experience and response, I also felt a great appreciation of her willingness to share her vulnerability in this area. 269 more words

EDC3100 Blog

Avoid the Curse of Knowledge to Enable Learning

I’ve always wanted to learn to play chess.

I’m not sure why. I am not an avid game player. Playing games with other people (as a child and into adulthood) always made me nervous. 624 more words


On Making Science Interesting, The "Curse of Knowledge" and The Myth of "Dumbing Down" (A Letter to My Co-Fellows)

Dear Co-Fellows:

I believe that we are all like 13 year olds learning a new and difficult topic, especially in a challenging field as rheumatology. And sometimes, we have been told not to be “too basic” or “too elementary” in our explanations; that we should use the scientific language to speak and explain… 414 more words