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David Ortiz to Retire After 2016 Season

David Ortiz has played 19 seasons in his lengthy career: six with the Minnesota Twins and 13 with the Boston Red Sox. Five separate times Big Papi has been in the top 5 five of the MVP vote but has never won the coveted individual award. 370 more words


29 Years Later, the Scar Still Hurts

Do we all remember the Bill Buckner play on October 25,1986, which cost the Boston Red Sox to break the Curse of the Bambino. The Curse of the Bambino was the Babe Ruth curse. 200 more words


Eighty-Six Years in the Making: the 2004 Boston Red Sox

The 2004 ALCS was 86 years in the making. The Boston Red Sox didn’t just come back from a zero games to three deficit to win the series 4-3. 851 more words


2005 Plaque Progress: Plaque Completed

The Form of 2005 plaque is now completed.  The above photograph shows a sample of the painted finish on the plaque – featuring a detail of the stone circle ‘Stonehenge’ project that was completed by a group of students that year. 63 more words


2005 Plaque Progress: Carving Completed

The carving for the Form of 2005 plaque is completed. Below are some detail images – with carved elements illustrating the following design themes:


2005 Form Plaque Progress: Design Completed

I recently completed the design stage for the Form of 2005 plaque design. The drawing above is being used as the basis for the carving of the plaque, and illustrates the following events from the 2004/2005 school year: 100 more words


A Ruth-less Beginning

By: Kelli Anne Louthan

2,873 hits, 2,213 runs batted in, 714 home runs, 123 stolen bases. Who is responsible for these Major League Baseball statistics? The King of Swing, the Great Bambino, the Sultan of Swat. 293 more words