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Wolverines 14 review

After 6 issues in a row of ignoring the main Wolverines story, we finally get back into one of the plot threads that began in Logan Legacy. 510 more words

Comic Review

What I'm Reading #6: Namor: The First Mutant

This is a bit of an older series, compared to the other things I’ve been reading. It’s only 11 issues but it’s taking me months to read–mostly because I find it very difficult to read multiple issues on Marvel Unlimited (I have bad eyesight, ok?) 513 more words


The Vampires Didn't Suck: Curse of the Mutants Review

With the 2011 Curse of the Mutants storyline, our beloved X-Men franchise veered dangerously close to the Twilight zone–and I don’t mean the greatest sci-fi show ever, but the lame, self-absorbed supernatural romance series by Stephanie Meyer. 323 more words


Namor The First Mutant #1-4: Curse of the Mutants

Thanks to the Twilight novels, vampires are all the rage in popular culture. In 2010, the X-Men spent some times fighting off the bloodsuckers, so it’s no surprise that X-ally Namor would wind up fighting underwater vampires in the first four issues of… 340 more words

Jeffries is not quite so clever as he thinks

X-Men #6
Feb 2011

The vampiric storyline Curse of the Mutants comes to its conclusion in this issue. Dracula, having been resurrected in issue #3, delivers the final blow to Xarus and, after a tense stand-off with Cyclops, ends the vampire threat. 361 more words

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Alphans appear in X-Men: Curse of the Mutants Spotlight

X-Men: Curse of the Mutants Spotlight
Jan 2011

Note: This issue is unnumbered. The Marvel Spotlight series, a promotional series featuring artists and events since 2005, has not been numbered, but unofficial numbering by fans was possible as issues were released. 265 more words

Individual Issue Appearances