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The ComicNoobs Podcast / Human Echoes Podcast Crossover Spectacular! (AKA the Blade Movie Review)

Kevin and Sobie invade someone else’s online space and jump into the Human Echoes Podcast with Al and Tony to review Blade and talk about comic books. 25 more words


Wolverines 14 review

After 6 issues in a row of ignoring the main Wolverines story, we finally get back into one of the plot threads that began in Logan Legacy. 510 more words

Comic Review

What I'm Reading #6: Namor: The First Mutant

This is a bit of an older series, compared to the other things I’ve been reading. It’s only 11 issues but it’s taking me months to read–mostly because I find it very difficult to read multiple issues on Marvel Unlimited (I have bad eyesight, ok?) 513 more words


The Vampires Didn't Suck: Curse of the Mutants Review

With the 2011 Curse of the Mutants storyline, our beloved X-Men franchise veered dangerously close to the Twilight zone–and I don’t mean the greatest sci-fi show ever, but the lame, self-absorbed supernatural romance series by Stephanie Meyer. 323 more words


Namor The First Mutant #1-4: Curse of the Mutants

Thanks to the Twilight novels, vampires are all the rage in popular culture. In 2010, the X-Men spent some times fighting off the bloodsuckers, so it’s no surprise that X-ally Namor would wind up fighting underwater vampires in the first four issues of… 340 more words

Jeffries is not quite so clever as he thinks

X-Men #6
Feb 2011

The vampiric storyline Curse of the Mutants comes to its conclusion in this issue. Dracula, having been resurrected in issue #3, delivers the final blow to Xarus and, after a tense stand-off with Cyclops, ends the vampire threat. 361 more words

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